Two Easy Ways to Use Pinterest for Recruiting

Pinterest isn’t just a beautiful way to pass the time on a boring Friday afternoon. It’s also fast-becoming a source for job candidates and recruiting activities for social media-savvy businesses. But even the most social-skeptical companies can utilize Pinterest for recruiting and candidate sourcing by following a few creative tips.

First, search Pinterest for interesting candidates. Especially if you’re hiring for a position that requires a good deal of creativity or outside-the-box thinking, Pinterest can be a way to find forward-thinking, creative professionals. You can search by pins, boards, and people. Use keywords like “my resume,” “my portfolio,” and “marketing resume” to find leads.

For example, job seeker Andrea Skarica uses one of her Pinterest boards to showcase her previous experience and companies she’s interested in working for in the future. In one pin, Andrea describes her experience: “From March to June 2011 while working for a web development company Uplifted as a Marketing Manager I managed Social Media, Online Advertising (Facebook Ads & Google Adwords), Event Management and PR” for On the pin, you can see the website’s logo and click to visit it.

And Stefanie Mullins, a public relations professional, has used her whole Pinterest page to showcase her resume in various boards. She’s included her professional experience, education, and ways to connect with her.

Viewing a job seeker’s portfolio on Pinterest is like looking at a much more interesting version of a paper resume. It catches your eye, draws you in, and (hopefully) makes you want to learn more about the person.

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Second, create a Pinterest page for recruiting efforts. Depending on how large or small your hiring needs are, you could devote a different Pinterest board to each department at your company and their open jobs. Or, you could have several simple boards to showcase your company’s culture, history, products or services, and available jobs.

Companies large and small are using Pinterest, not only for marketing and advertising, but also for attracting a variety of job seekers to their open positions. The University of Oklahoma – Tulsa’s Human Resources department has a Pinterest page with boards for current openings, campus departments, and university connections.

Taco Bell has an entire Pinterest page dedicated to Taco Bell Careers, including job search tips, company culture, job opportunities, and employee profiles. FlexJobs, a job search site specializing in telecommuting jobs, uses Pinterest to help job seekers with job search advice, new job search trends, and other related information which gives would-be job applicants a glimpse into the company’s mission and culture.

Professionals who browse Pinterest for job possibilities are unique and companies who embrace this latest social media craze, even in these two small ways, open themselves up to a more creative, interesting job pool. Besides, Pinterest is incredibly easy to use once you get it up and running, so why not invest a small amount of time on something that has big potential?

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  • Michela Stribling (@mstribling) says:

    Thanks for a fabulous article with practical advice for both job posters and seekers. Using the visual power of Pinterest for personal (and professional) branding is genius.

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