Three Picture Perfect Tips For Brands Using Pinterest

Launching a successful Pinterest strategy starts closer to home than you might think – it starts right on your own website! For many brands, product images serve a purely functional purpose, but with the increasing popularity of visual platforms such as Pinterest, e-commerce sites should reevaluate how they visually display their merchandise online sooner than later.

The route many brands take is often the simplest: shoot images of the product, use a handful of different angles and leave it at that. If this is your brand’s tactic, you are not taking full advantage of Pinterest’s remarkable ability to increase ROI. There are numerous benefits brands can experience by investing more time and creativity in product images. We have a few simple tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Ready For Your Close-Up?


(We’re using Uncovet’s Dirty Harry Leather Bag as an example in this post)

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This one is pretty common, but we can’t overemphasize the importance of large, high-resolution images. High-quality pictures garner more repins, period. Pins can have a much longer shelf-life than a tweet or a Facebook post, but pins must be repinned consistently to maintain virality.

If your images are low-quality, grainy or too small you’ll have a significantly harder time gaining the type of momentum that maximizes the potential of Pinterest.

Tip 2: Location, Location, Location! Scout For Natural Settings

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.40.40 AM

One of the most common pieces of advice we’ve heard from our influencer network is that brands should stage key products in action or in images that have more of an editorial slant. This is an impactful way to visually communicate what is exciting and noteworthy about your merchandise. You can also show consumers how to integrate the products into their lifestyles, which increases the probability of repins and your images going viral.

We’ve heard some concern that lifestyle images discourage click-throughs because the consumer might just see a pretty picture and move on. However, Pinterest’s recent rollout of rich pins provides an elegant solution– now brands can fully optimize visual content for Pinterest, while seamlessly signaling to consumers that the beach-ready straw tote or that beautiful vase is in-stock and available for purchase.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.14.49 AM

Tip 3: Boost ROI On A Shoestring Budget – Shoot It Like An Indie Film

Of course, not everyone has the resources to engineer full-scale product photo shoots but there are still small things you can do to make your product images more beautiful and inspiring. Sellers on Etsy have experienced enormous success on Pinterest because they tend to veer away from displaying their merchandise with traditional e-commerce compositions.

For example, many Etsy product shots will display merchandise on an off-white background, which creates softer, less catalog-esque images. They’ll also shoot products at a unique angle or style it in a more natural, real-life setting. These are small, low-investment ways to help your images stand out.

Pinterest is still new to a lot of brands and these three tips will help you quickly and easily optimize your presence on the platform. Stay ahead of the curve by doing everything possible to make your images more unique and boost their overall effectiveness!


What are your tips and tricks for making your product images more popular on Pinterest?

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