The Ultimate Pinterest SEO Guide

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  • Great advice. Pintrest is an excellent source of authority and while I do struggle to get images worthy of pinning (I am not a graphic artist – and have no real interest in becoming one) I have seen the benefits of Pintrest many times over in the past 3 months. Paying a few dollars for something striking to be created pays for itself 20x over normally in terms of traffic and authority. I do have on problem that seems to crop up (ok more of a query). While it is great to poast these images yourself, I’m finding some issues when itr comes to ranking them on Google. WHile they do rank pretty well, Google tends to put all the images together on one “strip”. Mixing Pintrest ones with many others – often about 1/23 down the page. It’s very hard to get an image to rank “alone” without being part of one of these image strips.
    I found this on the “grouping” of sites in search results and it seems to be the case here.
    Is there anything we can do to get “top billing” rather than being part of a crowd?

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