The Pinterest Kitchen: How Bloggers Can Utilize Pinterest

Bloggers, get ready to enter the Pinterest kitchen! No matter what type of baker or blogger you are, Pinterest just might be the secret ingredient you’ve been looking for.

We’re fortunate enough to work with several bloggers who have engaged Pinterest audiences in the millions. Last week we had the opportunity to interview the ever-inspiring London-based Will Taylor, the quintessentially colorful voice behind the wildly popular blog Bright.Bazaar.

During the interview, Will shared some advice for bloggers who want to use Pinterest and other social channels to promote their blogs. His comments inspired us to serve up some Pinterest basics for bloggers who are ready to get cooking.

Step #1: Preheat The Oven

Some people like to follow a recipe. If that sounds like you, create a board dedicated to your content so it’s all in one place and easy to find. This is the approach Michael Wurm Jr., prolific blogger and style spotter for Better Homes and Gardens, took with his I am inspired by charm board.

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If you’re the culinary creative type, start with a set of boards that cover your variety of tastes. This way, you can seamlessly blend your content into several boards in your Pinterest kitchen. Will’s interiors bazaar board is an example of sharing his blog content mixed in with pins of other things he loves.

Step #2: Organize Your Ingredients

Pinterest is rapidly becoming a leading search engine for images so help people find your content quickly and easily. Think about keywords as the ingredients for your scrumptious pins. What search terms would your readers use if they were trying to find your content? Include those words in your pin description.

You can add a hashtag or two but choose wisely and keep them simple. Don’t forget to watermark your images too! The watermark should be subtle so it doesn’t distract from the image but clear enough that pinners know where to go for more information. An ideal example of a Pinterest-worthy, subtle watermark is from the blog i heart nap time, shown below.

Step #3: Have A Secret Ingredient

Will recommends only pinning one photo from each blog post to encourage pinners to click through to the original source to see more. This tip is best explained by blogger Will himself, whose quote came from our recent HelloInterview with him!

“I think the key thing when operating multiple social media accounts is to be sure to offer something new to the conversation across each platform. For example, don’t pin all the images from your blog post to Pinterest, just pin the single best image otherwise users will have no need to click through to your blog to read the post.” – Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar

Step #4: Leave Them Wanting More

Think about how to leave pinners wanting more from your images by creating appetizing pin descriptions that will make them want to click through to your blog. You can ask a question in the caption to make them click through for your answer. You can also make it clear that if they click through to your blog, they’ll find valuable content such as a “how to” post with clear instructions.

Step #5: Promote Sharing

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? Be a good friend, share your delectable desserts and make it easy for your readers to share your content too! Embed ‘Pin It’ buttons into your blog posts like this one from Bright.Bazaar.

Whether you rely on recipes or not, following these steps should help you craft the perfect garnish for every pin. Think of Pinterest as the hors d’oeuvre for your blog! Give them a taste and they’ll want to learn more.

Do you have any advice or tips for bloggers just getting started? Share them in the comments below!

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