Should Your Brand be on Pinterest?

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  • Nate Hirst says:

    Can you list your source on the Pinterest demographics?

  • Yfran G says:

    The value for men?

    The only problem with Pinterest that I have is that it doesn’t really seem to have any value for men. This has to do with the dominating percentage of women on the platform and has even more to do with how the early uses of the social platform have been utilized; Scrapbooking, wedding planning, shoe collections, etc. aren’t as appealing to men as it is to women. What can men do on Pinterest that women can’t also do?

    The search capability also isn’t as strong as it should be right now. A search for anything (excluding technology) will always give you female influenced results. I understand it’s still early, but women have already found the value in Pinterest. Pinterest now needs to get closer to equilibrium between the sexes by providing value for men.

    I wrote about ‘How Pinterest Can Win with Men’ here, have a read:

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