Do You Really Understand Pinterest’s Newest Feature, Guided Search Tool?

Do you really understand Pinterest's newest feature Guided Search Tool

Pinterest users can now turn to the brand new Guided Search feature within Pinterest to help themselves quickly search for information, ideas and pins.

The Guided Search feature rolled out on April 25th / 2014. It is available only to English speaking users of the iPhone, iPad or of Android. This initial roll – out  is totally in line with what they have said earlier about mobile usage…that 75% of Pinterest’s traffic is coming from its mobile apps as of October 2013. This new feature will be available for Web users as well as in other languages in the very near future.

How does it work?

Using Guided Search, a Pinterest user enters a topic (keywords) in the search bar.

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For example, if you type in the key word “Hiking” Pinterest will suggest the following options:

  • Outfit
  • Gear
  • Clothes
  • Fashion
  • Boots
  • Quotes
  • Trails
  • Food
  • Tips
  • Shoes
  • Backpack

…and so forth.

When you tap on anyone of those words they will be added to your search and you’ll eventually find what you are looking for or your next hiking inspiration.

It’s built to be manipulated with swipes rather than typing, and it’s based on open-ended discovery rather than finding specific things.

What I love about it is that you can really narrow down your search!

Watch this video from Pinterest to see how it works.

What’s the big deal?

Eyeballs, traffic and sales are the big deal.

There are now 30 billion pins on Pinterest, with 750 million pinboards, and over 100,000 retailers posting their products. If that list of stats made your eyes blur, how about: Pinterest’s total number of pins has increased 50 percent in the past six months.

“There are a lot of Pins and there is not much time,” a Pinterest team member said at the launch event. “We are working hard to make sure it’s simple to find what you are looking for” as well as allowing for serendipitous discovery.”

The point is to help people lead themselves to where they want to go, Pinterest CEO Silbermann said. “Guided search will help you discover things when you didn’t know how to ask the question in the first place,” he explained.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Pinterest Tip:

Pinterest pin descriptions are more important than ever before. Powered by user supplied captions and comments, Pinterest categorizes pins based on their user’s descriptions.

You’re pin descriptions must include four critical elements to help you rank high on Pinterest’s Guided Search:

a) A call to action

b) The link to where you want them to go. By adding the source link to the caption in your pin description you will greatly increase your odds of getting more click throughs.

c) SEO related key words… every single time.

d) To maximize the Pinterest search results you have to figure out which word or category within the Guided Search “narrowing” choices you want to be found on and optimize your boards and acount accordingly.

Over to you…

I read some mixed review on Pinterest’s blog about this feature. Do you love it or hate it?

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