What to Post on Pinterest If You Don’t Sell a Product

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How to use Pinterest if you have a service

I’m not here to sell you on why you should be on Pinterest. If you’ve been following the growth about this visual-based social platform, you already know about the 70 million users who log into Pinterest and spend approximately 90 minutes daily on the site.

We also know by now that Pinterest works well for those businesses who have a product to sell. Pinterest uses its visual boards to show users something they can look at, something they can see in action and imagine themselves using.

A recent study from econsultancy.com found that 69% of Pinterest users have purchased an item or found something that they want to purchase while scrolling through Pinterest.

But how do you connect with these actively engaged users if you don’t have a tangible product and provide a service?

Your Pinterest boards don’t have to be boring

Pinterest has several default board titles but chances are, most of these won’t help you if you’re not selling something that falls under “Products I Love” or “For the Home.” Take a look at these Pinterest board ideas and see how you can make these work for your company to start finding customers on Pinterest.

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1. Before and After

Everyone loves a good “before it looked like this and look at us now” story. Take pictures and show your client’s success stories.

Did you renovate their kitchen and now your customers can have dinner parties in their home? Show us the before shots and then give us the big reveal of what working with your company can do to our homes.

Be creative with your board names. Instead of just saying Before and After, try one of these board titles:

  • Make a Change
  • Home Renovation Success Stories
  • Making an Impact
2. Introduce them to your team

People like to do business with people that they know and trust. What better way for people to get to know you and trust your team than to give everyone their own Pinterest board.

Let your team members use the board description area to introduce themselves, what they do for your company and a few things that they like to do in their time away from the office.

Have each team member show off their personality by posting things that mean something to them with board titles like these:

  • {team member’s name} Cubicle or Corner of the Office
  • Meet {company name} Community
  • Office Space
3. Your Service in Action

Think about how your service helps your customers. How does your service make life easier for people? What problems do you solve? Now take those answers and create Pinterest boards pinning your solutions.

Don’t take this too literal with your answers and have some fun with this with boards like these:

  • Favorite Movie Scenes – What movies used your service as part of one of the scenes? Post up a scene from that movie and describe how your service was used in the pin description.
  • Your Dream Home/Car/Trip/Whatever – While you’re pinning your dream stuff, add in a few pins to show how your service can give someone that dream home or trip.
  • We Go Together – Think about famous pairings and add in pins of complimentary products that work well with your service.
4. How We Got Here

Pinterest users love their history so much that Pinterest has a History category where you can search for historical pins. How far back can you trace your company’s history? How long have people been doing the same service you offer?

Take us on a historical tour by adding these types of boards:

  • Through the Years
  • Vintage {your service} – Post images of people doing your type of service; Go online and run a google search for sites showcasing vintage images and post them directly from the sites you find. Pinterest users love new images!
  • Words of Wisdom – Is there a father (or mother) who was the first person to start doing your work? See if you can find images with quotes from that person and add in other quotes that define the type of work you do.
5. Help Me Find This

As more people start to use Pinterest to find things, Pinterest is starting to give Google a run for their money as a search engine. And due to the key-word rich board descriptions, Pinterest boards are showing up in an organic Google search.

Think about the questions your customers ask all the time. What’s the one thing they always ask you and you always seem to know the answer?

What do you know about that you can teach us by creating boards like these:

  • Now You Know About {service or the answer}
  • Learn from the Pros
  • All Things Your {service}

Let me know if you use any of these ideas for your Pinterest boards. Post up your link in the comment section because you never know …. one of your boards may end up being just the thing we were looking for on Pinterest.

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