Plan Your Travels On Pinterest

When planning a vacation there’s no need to stress! Pinterest can help you plan your dream trip that will make everyone happy. Here are our four tips for planning and sharing your travels on Pinterest!

Options, Options, Options!

Start by making a board. Next, search that country/state/region/town to find all of the top tourist sights vs local spots, restaurants versus street foods, hotels vs B&Bs, and exhilarating versus calming activities. This will help you plan for a well-rounded mixture of exciting and relaxing moments with something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to look for the lesser-known hidden jewels too!

Ask People Who’ve Been There

Interact with people on Pinterest to learn about their experiences first hand! Comment on people’s pins asking everything from “Where did you stay at?” to “What would you recommend we order at that restaurant?”

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Learn anything and everything you can about your destination! This means clicking through to blogs and websites. You can also learn a lot of general travel tips like what days of the week have cheaper flights and how to feel more comfortable on a long plane ride.

Make It A Team Effort

Have everyone going on the trip pin the things they’d like to see, eat, and experience so they can all feel more involved and excited! Making a group board is a great way to allow everyone to see each other’s dream trip activities!

Share Your Experiences After

After your trip, edit your photos to make them Pin-worthy and upload them onto Pinterest! This is the best way to share your experiences with the world and to help others who may be thinking about traveling there get the chance to plan and learn from your trip! Share your experiences with detailed pin descriptions and interact with people by commenting back!

One pinner who has used Pinterest for travel is Luke Dean Weymark. Last month we featured him in a HelloInterview and he told us why he likes using Pinterest for travel!

“I started using Pinterest in mid-2011 while I was overseas travelling Europe. I found it was a really great way to get some extra traffic to my blog and I also found a lot of cool places around Europe to check-out from other travel pinners.”

Here are some boards we are loving for travel inspiration!

Leandro Toledo

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Plan Your Travels On Pinterest image nrKTuUy93i1oA8jmrbTXh7ycqcnmqzAliDNywnrSBTMrEmC7XA1Vi80EknmpyBk9smAMXMuKzKHoEWp8LPq7lG InYuJdiNkbmgkuzDbVpj syJWVimry9X4

Teodorik Mensl

Plan Your Travels On Pinterest image kZoqECWH2GAva TsHE3VBbuITo4G97a90LcuMvV5uGPxdGnr67OsS53jS 6FPNBk B1TDdvR7E38AaAkpGTuBTleEeVktgDoDIpAbMTm2T cVuOGwTrMJjiH

Will UK

Plan Your Travels On Pinterest image

Paul Duncan

Plan Your Travels On Pinterest image Q164w6Z4lLpj j6aR3EGIqyncJqtXBajTQTXDKV6THcACCgOLl6mBZZp NEmgL9SzM bdnYLRswZz4N2X60EJOUbdd7YZn4JXVnlQm9ibMyROhnnCmq4bmg2

Tim Sullentrup

Plan Your Travels On Pinterest image aiNnqzu3Wvfu2uUPPNQ5bE9le5fVQw0R3C6bcI scISggh1YOp1chdTV0ylq2SxnpQor3ikTCBeGVhdvvZGeSaU6iyqLV2QzSJydywMsIw66ndMBoyUqpdyt

Pinterest can help you put together the ultimate traveling bucket list! Start with searching a country then get more specific as you go along!

Want to see more travel inspiration on Pinterest?

See HelloSociety’s Wanderlust board & the Travel section on Pinterest!

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