Pinterest, Your Business On Display

Pinterest, is the latest social media “hot-button.”  Why is it so wildly popular?  Business people think and recognize a marketing opportunity quickly.  With the social media craze going on, Pinterest, at its introduction, offered something Twitter and Facebook didn’t: the appeal of organized colorful images.

Pinterest has taken this concept and developed it into a life of its own.  According to Jason Falls’ article in, Pinterest has grown from seven million unique visitors in December 2011 to a peak of almost twenty million only four months later.  Pinterest has leveled off since their initial spike; however, usage remains consistent.

Why has Pinterest generated such outstanding traffic?  Social media is social sharing.  Even though their primary audience is women ages 25 to 54, according to A J Kumar’s Pinterest article on April 18, 2012, popularity is increasing among men and small business.

Why would small business be joining the Pinterest bandwagon?  Link-backs to the business website, product sales page and the offline marketing campaigns all propagate throughout the market area.  Embedding the business URL as a hyperlink in the picture increases the exposure of the website and the probability of increasing visitors to the website.  In essence, small business is able to enlist others in spreading exposure to their website to thousands of additional potential customers.Cal Christensen, artist, posts pictures of his creations and drives traffic to his product purchase page.  Fifteen-year-old Chloe of Popcosmo increases the awareness of the teen market by posting pictures and increasing her followers to over 120,000 page views in one month.  Could your business use an additional 120,000  views to your website or product sales page?

Expand the concept even further and post a picture from your print advertising.  Take advantage of cross marketing from offline to online exposure.  An attractive image from your printed marketing brochure has the opportunity to go viral through the use of Pinterest.  Embed the company website or sales page URL in the image, post the image and allow the image to expand your exposure throughout the online community.

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Regardless of your business, vast opportunities exist to cross market.  Freshfully uses Pinterest as one part of a comprehensive integrated social media program.  Mr. Rooter uses fun images of plumbers transported to famous landmarks to convey the fact of their multiple locations; their Pinterest campaign keeps their name top of mind.

The advantages of Pinterest are available to almost every business if you use this powerful media to promote success stories of your customers through pictures and text.  Capture your business in an image and “pin it” to your website, your printed marketing campaigns and the minds of your target customer.  Convey your image of success to your entire target marketplace. Be creative.  How can Pinterest tie all of your marketing campaigns together?

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