Pinterest Restaurants Battle For Most Followers, Highest Engagement

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, we at PinLeague are seeing more and more brands using Pinterest to engage their fans and target customers.

As with any new platform, though, there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to truly understanding Pinterest’s community and mindset. To help businesses get up that learning curve faster, we’ve started using our Pinterest Analytics Dashboard to track industry segments, digging up nuggets of gold about what’s working on Pinterest and what’s not. Here’s what we found when we pitted the top fast casual restaurants on Pinterest against each other.
Pinterest Restaurants Infographic by PinLeague

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Key Insights About the Top Restaurants on Pinterest:
Follower Growth:
  • Panera Bread held a lead with the most Pinterest followers throughout Q4, but underdog Maggiano’s gained Pinterest followers rapidly to jump from a distant 4th place to a close 2nd, gaining over twice as many followers as Panera.
  • The secret to Maggiano’s rise: Frequent promotion of their weekly “Pin It to Win It” contests. You can see when their campaigns ran based on the large 1-2 day follower gains. They might also consider other ways to grow Pinterest followers organically.

Organic Buzz:

  • You don’t need the most followers to generate the most engagement on Pinterest. With only 300 followers, Applebee’s earned more organic brand mentions than other fast casual restaurants on Pinterest.
  • The secret to Applebee’s popularity: a visually appealing, pinnable menu on their website including buttons to pin menu items.

User Engagement:

  • All Hail!  With an incredibly high engagement rate of 98% and over 10,000 repins, Panera Bread is the reigning king of engagement for restaurants on Pinterest.
  • A 98% Engagement Rate?! This means that 98% of Panera’s pins have at least 1 repin, like or comment.  Impressive on its own- ands especially striking in comparison to the other Pinterest restaurants we tracked.
About PinLeague:
PinLeague’s best in class Pinterest analytics suite helps brands track how their profile and content perform on Pinterest, engage fans on Pinterest, connect with influencers and benchmark their success vs. competitors all in one easy to use dashboard. Data for the above was drawn from over 30 million Pinterest users and many millions of pins being actively tracked by PinLeague.

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