Pinterest Metrics For Success

Pinterest Metrics for SuccessPinterest introduced analytics a few months ago. But, as with other prominent social networks, which metrics matter?

For instance, many still look at vanity metrics on Facebook and Twitter — things like the # of Fans/Followers. Now, while there is SOME slight advantage in having a larger network, most of that advantage melts away when your social network isn’t engaged.

Let’s take a look at this infographic to see which metrics really matter on Pinterest:

Pinterest Metrics for Success

First, let’s take a little detour to look at how Pinterest works. First, folks create boards and pin pictures to the board — just like you might have posted exam dates and messages from your friends on the bulletin board in your room at home or in college. And, just like those bulletin boards, things pinned stay up there forever — well a few days or so, which beats the average length of time a Facebook post or Tweet stays up there.

But, just like Facebook and Twitter (and all other social networks) the key is the more engaged your audience, the longer your pin stays visible.

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So, the Pinterest metrics we care about track engagement: metrics such as likes, comments, clicks — which reflect your micro conversions and macro conversions.

You can also see which specific pins are the most liked, commented on an clicked. Again, micro and macro conversions.

Another important set of Pinterest metrics are those reflecting reach, which includes followers (for a low-level of reach) and repins (which amplifies your original pins).

Velocity reflects how many pins show up on your pin boards per week (since others likely pin to your pin boards, as well) and helps you figure out how many pins you should put up per week by tracking the change in short-term engagement at different velocities.

Possibly one of the most useful Pinterest metrics deal with influencers. This metric is often hidden in many other social networks, but is prominent in Pinterest metrics.

Why is it important to know who your influencers are? Because it presents all kinds of opportunity to build on this influence. For instance, maybe you want to email influencers to thank them for engaging with you of find some other way to recognize their interactions. Recognition tells folks your value them and encourages them to continue engaging with you. Knowing your influencers is the first step toward keeping them. Also, if you understand who your influencers are, you can figure out how they became interested in your brand, which helps create more influencers.

Other Pinterest metrics are also valuable. Take a look at the list in the infographic and let me know what you think. How’s your Pinterest campaign going?

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