Pinterest Marketing is Worthy of the Hype

It’s a perfect time to understand how Pinterest is changing consumer behavior and media habits, as the company is preparing to launch its Promoted Pins revenue model in the next month. After all, media budgets are usually a shrinking pie in this economy, so companies must move the dollars from somewhere. It’s important to examine how active Pinterest users are consuming media, which brands have a right to win on the platform, whom these brands can best reach on Pinterest and how to best reach them.

Active Pinterest users are young, tech-savvy and have more disposable income than non-users. The most active users are what many marketers are now calling Millennial Moms—they have young children in the home and grew up with smart phones and social media.

New research also confirms that active Pinterest users are active doers and early adopters—those who want to try new things and are looking to try out new products from different brands. They are significantly more likely to try new projects and products than non-users, and about one-half of them have tried more than six new activities because of something they saw on Pinterest.

Interestingly, active Pinterest users watch significantly less TV than non-users and they claim to be moving away from reading traditional print catalogs, newspapers and magazines, replacing that media consumption with Pinterest use. Thirty-nine percent of them are also using Pinterest in place of traditional search engines, such as Google. Marketing insiders and heavy users know that Pinterest isn’t social, it’s search.

And, Pinterest is mobile. The platform says that 75 percent of activity is mobile and our research notes that nearly 30 percent of active users pull up the app while in-store to guide their purchases. As Pinterest use becomes heavier, users build the app into their real-life shopping habits, and this percentage increases.

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Perhaps surprisingly, active Pinterest users are also fairly open to brand activity on the platform. About three-quarters of them say they would prefer to follow and interact with their favorite brands on Pinterest rather than their favorite celebrities or so-called “experts.” Additionally,when asked about Pinterest’s upcoming launch of Promoted Pins, users are generally open to Pinterest marketing—as long as it keeps with the spirit of Pinterest and adds value to their lives.

Pinterest users are ready and willing to be marketed to—as long as brands do it organically. This could be the year for your business to start or accelerate Pinterest marketing.

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