Pinterest Is King When It Comes To E-Commerce, But How Do You Measure It?

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If you compare Pinterest’s active user base and overall reach with Facebook’s, you’d assume it would be a no-brainer for brand marketers to focus on Facebook. Facebook’s number of users now exceeds 1 billion, and they’re continuing to expand into international markets. Pinterest, meanwhile, has a user base of just north of 70 million.

But savvy brand marketers already understand that the Pinterest’s potential to drive revenue is much higher than Facebook. Here’s a figure that should reinforce and elevate that understanding: according to a recent study by Javelin Research:

“The average order on brands’ e-commerce platforms when arriving via Pinterest is more than double that of Facebook’s. Pinterest users’ average order value is $123.50, which is 126% more than Facebook users’ $54.64 average order value.”

Why is that, you ask? Potential consumers arrive on Pinterest with a different mindset. Instead of looking to interact with and stay updated on their friends, they’re looking to discover new fashion trends, home décor tips, travel destinations and new do-it-yourself tips. Simply put, their intent is different, and as a result the likelihood of inspiring a purchase is drastically augmented.

Pinterest’s User Experience Is Different

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Users have described the now ubiquitous presence of brands on Facebook as cumbersome and annoying both from an ad standpoint and a personal property perspective. Facebook has worked to address this feeling in the past by creating their Edgerank algorithm (although that has since been replaced) to allow users to customize their experience, but the complaints persist. Brands are finding a far more natural home for their content on Pinterest.

How Brands Know What Works on Pinterest

So as a brand, what steps can you take to improve and optimize your Pinterest presence? Piqora’s marketing suite enables brands to gain valuable insight into how people on Pinterest are interacting with your content. The dashboard will also educate you on which pins are driving the most website visits, which pins are being “re-pinned” most frequently, and which pins are ultimately driving the most sales. In addition, the easy-to-use suite helps you identify which of your followers are most influential in the Pinterest community (hint: it’s not celebrities) and can help you leverage them as brand advocates and see what content their most interested in.

Piqora can also help you seamlessly grow your audience and gather insights into your followers through promotions, which the Customer Success Team can help you create, optimize and flawlessly execute. It’s a beautiful thing.

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