Pinterest Influencer Interview Series: Megan Gilger

MeganGilgerWe are happy to welcome Megan Gilger to today’s installment of the Pinterest Influencer Interview Series. Megan is a creative entrepreneur who owns a brand-building studio called Wild Measure and is a blogger at The Fresh Exchange. As an art director at Wild Measure, she works alongside her husband, Mike, to create eye catching full-brand experiences for lifestyle businesses that want to make an impact and inspire change within their communities. As a daily blogger, Megan shares what inspires her and works hard to encourage a lifestyle of simplicity, beauty and honesty. She has been featured as a top tastemaker to follow on Pinterest by the Huffington Post, has landed on Pinterest’s About Page as a suggested lifestyle content curator, and has spoken at Alt Summit and Circles Conference.

Megan contributes much of her growing success to her passion and love for what she does on her blog. Having a place to regularly share her work and creative process on her terms has helped her define her style and tastes. Pinterest is an extension of her tastes and inspiration, and a major part of what has helped her develop and define herself creatively.

6 Questions on Pinterest With Megan Gilger

1. How has Pinterest helped you personally or professionally?

We use Pinterest every day to work with our Wild Measure clients. It’s a large component of our creative process. We use Secret boards to help communicate mood, ideas, looks and goals between our team. It makes it easier and faster for creatively minded individuals to describe a look when you can share visuals. Personally, it’s helped me better define my aesthetic and observe shifts or changes in what my tastes are as a designer, blogger and creative individual. I think it is super important and major part of my newly discovered confidence in my work. When I can see all of the things I’ve pinned in one place I can identify trends in what I’m motivated by in the moment. That is incredibly powerful on days when I feel lost creatively.

2. What is the method behind your success?

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I pin from my gut. If I don’t like I don’t pin it. So the focus is to keep to that. I’m passionate about the outdoors, gardening, fashion and great design on every level. So you’ll see a lot of nature, graphic design, simple spaces, organic feeling images, real life, fashion, street style, and inspiration for adventures on my boards. I lean toward a simple, tomboy style with a little edge for my fashion pins. I don’t classify myself as trendy; I like what’s very simple and classic.

3. What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered using Pinterest?

People’s negative opinions. People forget that pins are someone’s personal likes and what they think is beautiful. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world awesome. Being too blunt and brutal with your opinions makes people less likely to share what they love, so I hate seeing nasty comments about weight, style or trends. 

4. What do you think is the future of social media?

I foresee social media becoming focused more on visual communication and less focused on words. I think the major players like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will adapt and they’ll integrate sharing functions with each other, while niche platforms will be acquired. I think people have social media fatigue from all of the smaller platforms out there and they want the bigger guns to continue innovating.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a Pinterest account?

Trust your gut. Pin what you love and watch your boards come together to really learn about yourself.

6. Where can we find you on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook? What is your website?

Pinterest (715,164 Followers)

Facebook (1,983 Likes)

Twitter @MeganGilger (3,036 Followers)


Pinners featured in Business 2 Community’s Pinterest Influencer Interview Series are all members of HelloSociety’s team of Pinterest influencers.

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