Pinterest: How to Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow You

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  • Hi Carol, I just happened upon a link to this article. Have you heard about the “Followers on Pinterest” app? Filtering this type of info is as quick as a click on a button for iPhone/iPad users. Hope that helps! :)

    • Hi Aida,
      Thank you for the name of that app. You’re right that it does give you that information for iPhone/iPad users. This will help many people! Hopefully, someone will come out with one for those of us with Android phones, too. :-)
      Thanks again,
      Carol Stephen

  • Hi Carol, If you don’t have a huge list its probably faster to unfollow everyone your following then go to your followers list and follow everyone back that is following you.

    I have a huge list so neither method is really practical for me, maybe if I get a iphone sometime I can use the app above.

  • Hi Philip,
    I never thought of that! What a good idea to unfollow then refollow. And you’re right–it would work for up to a certain number of followers, but not with huge lists. Thanks for the comment!

  • Hi Carol. If I go to my profile page and click on ‘following’ (those people that I follow), I see there are a mix of boards that say ‘follow’ and ‘unfollow’. Which ones should I click to stop following if they are not following back?

    Thanks for your response!

  • Hi Pepper,
    Click on the “grayed out” unfollow button (it seems counter-intuitive) to unfollow. Then you’ll see the “Follow” button in a darker font.

    Thanks for the question and best luck!


    • Hey thanks Carol for your reply. So the ones that say ‘unfollow’ are the ones that are not reciprocating?

  • Hi Pepper, No, that’s what the post is about. It’s not easy to see within Pinterest who’s following or not following. If you click through to the article on my website you can read all the comments. I’ve created one way to figure it out. And people have been ingeniously adding comments and other methods to figure it out.

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