Pinterest for Business: 3 Companies That Have it Down

Thinking about joining Pinterest for your business? As of February 2012, the total unique visitors to Pinterest had increased by 2,702 percent since May of last year. Those are some major numbers! There’s a lot of marketing opportunity on Pinterest, but you have to know how to do it right. For some pin-spiration, check out these company boards.

kate spade

For a vibrant and popular fashion label like kate spade, Pinterest is a no-brainer. What’s brilliant about the company’s Pinterest business marketing strategy is that, rather than just pin the products that kate spade sells, the brand’s marketing department uses it as a virtual mood board. This allows kate spade fans and customers to see what the internal team is using for inspiration on upcoming campaigns and designs. It’s almost like a sneak peek at what’s next for kate spade. And, of course, followers love to re-pin the large, pretty photos.

Make It Work for Your Local Business

Like all social media, your Pinterest page shouldn’t be about a hard sell. Take a note from kate spade and use it as a way to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your company ‘tick.’ What’s the inspiration behind your most recent menu at your restaurant? Where did you get the idea for the holiday stationary you designed? Show us!

Four Seasons Bridal

It’s no secret that the vast majority of Pinterest users are women. In fact, the social network spread like wildfire once women realized they could use it as a visual way to organize wedding ideas. Four Seasons Bridal, the Pinterest account for Weddings by Four Seasons magazine, is a great source of inspiration for brides. They have boards dedicated to everything from wedding trends to photos of real weddings. By acting as a resource for brides-to-be, the company is positioning itself as an industry thought leader in a creative way.

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Make It Work for Your Local Business

How can you be a valuable resource to your customer? What kind of trends can you share with them via Pinterest? Infographics are a great way to distribute data and statistics in an illustrative way. Design one, post it to your blog, and then pin it. It’ll help increase traffic to your blog, too.

Drake University

Drake University is a private college in Des Moines, Iowa. You’re probably wondering, what in the world is an educational institution doing on a social network like Pinterest? The answer: rocking it. The kicker here is that the university’s Pinterest account is run by its own students. A group of interns in the marketing and communications department turned Drake University’s Pinterest boards into a useful guide to college life. Eighteen boards cover everything from dorm room decor to aww-inspiring photos of bulldogs, the university’s mascot.

Make It Work for Your Local Business

It’s important to have a cohesive voice in all of your marketing, but designating a small group of people to contribute to channels like Pinterest will keep your messaging from getting stale. And not every contributor needs to have a marketing background – find people within your local business that are creative and willing to help make Pinterest work for your business!

Not sure where to get started? Check out our Pinterest how-to guide and get pinning today!

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  • Amanda says:

    I LOVE all things Kate Spade and was excited to see their Pinterest featured! I hadn’t looked at the Four Seasons bridal before but it’s really great – thanks for the tip.

    I agree that Drake is doing a great job, but I also love the University of Virginia’s pinboard (I’m a UVa alumn and love following them on Pinterest). They are definitely rocking it!

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