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Pinterest Consultant Reveals 11 Astounding New Pinterest Facts

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Pinterest Consultant Reveals 11 Astounding New Pinterest Facts!

As a Pinterest consultant I make sure I keep tabs on all the latest statistics from this incredible business acceleration tool. If you’re humming and hawing about whether your business should be on Pinterest…don’t take my word for it, take a look at these statistics.  And then get going because if your competitors get too big a lead on you….

1. 62% of brands have the Pinterest “Pin It” buttons on their product pages of their websites and it is the most used button. That officially puts them in first place compared to 61% having the Tweet buttons and 59% of brands having the Facebook Like buttons. 42% of brands have the Google+ button all according to a study done by 8th Bridge, after analyzing 872 retailers.

2. Pinterest Case Study: “Pin It” button delivers tremendous results: eight of Pinterest’s top 10 retail brands prominently displayed a “Pin It” button and brands like Ikea and Target generated nearly 1 million shares (aka pins and repins) from their website.

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Source: 8th Bridge

Do you think Pinterest is a fad or do you think Ikea and Target LOVE IT when their prospects and customers share nearly 1 million pictures of their products with their friends?

Pinterest Expert Actionable Marketing Tip: Install a “Pin It” button on your blog or website regardless of whether you are B2B or B2C.

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3. AddShoppers recently released it’s 2013 social commerce breakdown. Pinterest pins drive more revenue to ecommerce’s stores than any other social share.

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4. Dec. 30, 2013: 73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Networks, Pinterest Passes Twitter In Popularity. Pew’s data suggests the pinboard site is the fastest-growing network based on membership gains between 2013 and 2012.

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5. Dec. 30, 2013: Pew Research Center recently released its Social Media Update 2013: 1/3 of Women in U.S. use Pinterest

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6. Jan. 24, 2014: In Q4 2103, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon saw 30%+ gains in traffic referrals.

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7. Jan. 27, 2014: Pinterest overtook Facebook in terms of revenue per visit (RPV) in the UK in 2013, and is expected to do the same in the US this year.

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8. Feb. 11, 2014: Emails promoting Pinterest are seeing stronger response rates than those promoting Facebook or Twitter.

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Pinterest Expert Actionable Marketing Tips:

1) In your first email campaign include the benefits of using Pinterest for your customers.

2) Include images of your most popular pins with a link back to your Pinterest page.

3) Include images of trending boards when featuring holidays and observances and include the benefits of why they should follow this board.

Here are 20 retailers integrating Pinterest into their email marketing

9. Feb. 12, 2104: a new study by researchers at the University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech reveals male Pinterest users pin more content about photography, art, design, and home decor.

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Check out the Manly Pinterest Show where creator Jeff Sieh of His Design Inc. was inspired about how much blog traffic he was getting from Pinterest. He created the show to help men realize that it was a valuable tool and that it wasn’t just for girls planning a wedding or pinning their favorite recipes. The goal was to show other guys that it was ok to use and love Pinterest.

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10 . Feb. 14, 2014: Pinterest raised the most money from venture capitalists last year, as the online scrapbooking site has quickly become retailers’ favourite biz dev tool. Pinterest raised $425m from two funding rounds.

11. Feb. 14, 2014: In the week leading up to this year’s love day, online shoppers referred from Pinterest averaged $147.74 per order, overshadowing Facebook referrals at $125.24 per order.

3 key takeaway for your business:

  1. Install the “Pin It” button on your blog or website

  2. Include your top trending pins and board in your email marketing campaigns

  3. If you want to attract more male pinners create boards such as photography, art, design, and home decor.

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  1. Debi @ says:

    These are priceless facts and tips. Thank you for putting all of this together in one concise article that we can use. Awesome!

  2. Thank you Debi! So glad to hear you find this useful. I will be releasing updates on a monthly basis but there’s more to come every week. So stay tuned!

  3. Tom Coleman says:

    Hi Anna. Thanks This hit the spot. I was just researching Pinterest and ran across this on Google+. I was delighted to share it. Now that I know you’ll have more coming out on this, I’ll be back.

  4. ANNA Bennett says:

    Hello Tom. Thank you for sharing -really appreciate that. I also share all my blog posts on GooglePlus so you can follow me there too so you don’t miss any posts.


  5. Kimberly Reynolds says:

    Anna, great info (as always)!

    Have you seen any new stats on the number of Pinterest users?

    I know that Semiocast announced that Pinterest hit the 70 million mark in July 2013, but have you seen anything newer?

    From the NextWeb article about it (, it appears that Pinterest gained 45 million new users from Q3 of 2012 through Q2 of 2013.

    If that run rate has stayed the same, then Pinterest should be hitting the 100 million users mark any day now…

  6. Anna Bennett says:

    Hello Kimberly! Naturally that number has increased but I stay in touch with Pinterest’s Help Centre on a regular basis and they have specifically told me that any stats about the number of Pinterest users will be posted on their blog. You can follow my board for all the latest Pinterest stats, news, etc here

  7. Danielle MIller says:

    Wonderful article Anna! Thank you for sharing these Pinteresting stats with all of us!

  8. Anna Bennett says:

    Aloha Danielle! Thank you! More coming tomorrow!

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