Pinterest Boards: Focusing Your Growth To Monetize Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Marketers are often surprised when Pinterest boards unrelated to their core business outgrow other topics they know best. Here are five tips to focus your Pinterest traffic on high priority boards, to better engage your target audience or monetize Pinterest traffic.

At PinLeague, we work with brands looking to engage their target audience and monetize their Pinterest traffic. These brands range from individuals and small businesses to some of the best known companies on Earth. And across the spectrum, we regularly get asked: “Why are THESE Pinterest boards outgrowing the others?” -or- “How can I focus more of my traffic on the Pinterest boards I want to grow fastest?” I usually respond with two key points and the a few tips on how to focus your Pinterest traffics on specific pinboards.

Key Point #1: If social media has taught us anything as an industry, it’s that often you’re much better off taking users where they want to go, not trying to get them to follow your Corporate agenda. If you do, users will reward you by also being more receptive to your marketing message. Give users what they want and the rest will follow.

Key Point #2: The fact that your other Pinterest boards are growing IS NOT a bad thing. Growth anywhere on your account will generally accelerate the growth of your target Pinterest boards, as well. Users attracted to your non-focus boards will share your content and bring other users to your account, which will in turn accelerate the growth of the Pinterest boards you want to grow.

For these reasons, it’s a good strategy for marketers to build Pinterest boards beyond the ones they’re most interested in growing. Think of it like watching TV- if it was all commercials, no one would watch, so you need to mix in content to attract the largest audience possible, then market to them carefully. Grow. Engage. Monetize.

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If you absolutely want to focus more of your traffic on Pinterest boards you’re seeking to monetize, these 5 tips will help:

1. Move the target Pinterest boards to slots 2, 3 and 4 on your profile; these locations are the most visible on your profile.

2. Be especially attentive to anyone interacting with your target Pinterest boards. Reach out to them and start a dialogue, repin or like their pins, etc. This will make those followers more loyal and raise the profile of the boards.

Edit Pinterest Board Cover

Example of how to edit your Pinterest Board’s cover photo. Taken from This Neon board rocks!

3. Make sure your target boards (and all your boards!) have eye catching cover photos. Cover photos are the key to getting Pinterest users to visit a board and follow it. You can also adjust how cover photos are cropped by selecting “Edit Cover” on your board.

Here are some sample accounts with great cover photos:

4. Pin new content to those boards regularly to keep traffic coming to them. You can even “recycle” pins by repinning them to the same board again. Don’t overdo it on the recycling.

5. Repin content from those boards periodically to your other boards.

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