Pinterest Analytics: Mobile Revenue from Pinterest is Up 224%

Mobile revenue from Pinterest is exploding. According to research on Pinterest analytics carried out by the in-house data scientists here at Piqora, retailers & brands saw an increase of 224% in January 2014, compared to a year earlier.

What The Data Shows

Traffic to mobile websites from Pinterest’s mobile site has gone up by 73% since Jan 2013. The fact that Pinterest mobile is growing a lot doesn’t seem like a big surprise — but here’s what is: mobile transactions are up 77%, the average order value of those transactions is up 79%, and the total revenue from Pinterest mobile users is up 224%.

Pinterest mobile users are buying more overall and buying more expensive products as well. Why? Because a product on Pinterest carries social signals that it’s worth buying — and Pinterest users are acting on that shopping intent.

The data also indicates that Pinterest is a great source to acquire new mobile shoppers and monetize returning mobile visitors (as signified by the 46% increase in new visitors).

The biggest takeaways from this study are that mobile and tablet revenue and average order value have gone up significantly. This means Pinterest users aren’t just browsing product images — they’re actively shopping, conducting research, and buying products from touch devices.

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Marketing to Pinterest’s Mobile Users

Previous Pinterest studies from Piqora have shown that pins have a very long life-time value. 50% of the visits occur 2.5 months after the first pin date. These pins are seen in user feeds, search results, and board page visits several times by each Pinterest user. Each of these views brings the retailer’s brands and products back to top of mind for that user.

To leverage this exploding channel for marketing, retailers need to optimize their mobile websites for pinning and make it even easier to buy products from their mobile websites. How can you do that? Well, start with Pinterest’s mobile SDKs (for Android & iOS) to improve your brand’s mobile pinning experience and add rich pins to help drive more pinning and clicks from those actionable pins.

Finally as the Pinterest mobile app usage rises to 75% (according to Pinterest) retailers and brands have an enormous opportunity to drive mobile impressions and reach mobile users via pins. The key is to continuously optimize mobile sites for pinning.

About the data: This study used Google Analytics referring source data from Pinterest’s mobile website to 400+ brands. The sample included 45% apparel brands, 25% home decor brands, 20% retail brands and some other categories.

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  • Mike says:

    Growth percentages don’t really mean a lot without real numbers. If you made $1 last year and experienced 244% year-over-year growth, current revenues are $3.44. Congrats. From a small base, all percentage revenue growth is going to appear large. And Pinterest mobile revenues are indeed growing from a small (almost non-existent) base in the year-ago period.

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