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The Pinterest revolution has begun, and it is not being televised. I first talked about this vision board on steroids back in 2011.  Now you want to know how to dominate your friends on this major content curation site? Seek a community on Pinterest. Follow people who share your interests. You will likely find some content that you love and that will add value to your community on the site. Then share information and pins that you found valuable (or gosh darn cute). It will likely drive people to like, repin and ultimately follow you back. Simple enough, right?

If you haven’t heard Pinterest drives more eyes to your online content than any other service right now. As magazine, fashion brand, and even televisions shows pop up with pin boards, you know it is now the ‘it’ thing to do.  I love the visual boards of fancy. The truth is me being a social media savvy girl and a PR princess, I want to know the numbers. SHOW ME THE NUMBERS. Analytics drive the interwebs. People want to know how they fair in comparison to others. While businesses want to know how their content is making its way around the web.  I have had my eagle eye on Klout to see when they would be adding a Pinterest link and how that would change my score, but the wait is over. There is PinClout PinReach. A cute way to know what all those hours scouring the Internet to pin things will get you. A two digit number to tell you how pretty you are on a scale from 1 to 100. PinClout PinReach says my Pinfluence is a 38! I thought that was pretty low until I read the average PinClout PinReach score is 29.

They don’t say how they derive at that number, but I can believe that it comes from the ratio of followers to people following you. The number of pins vs. the number of repins is also a pretty big indicator of pinfluence. I pin and repin a lot (I am sure someone else has me beat). I have 29 boards. The majority of my boards have nearly 200 followers, and I have had my fair share of repins. I am always surprised when my inbox starts filling up with likes and repins. It makes me feel loved. Check out PinClout PinReach for yourself. You can test your Pinfluence and share it around the web, and you can of course Pin it. Everyone (well not everyone) can find a reason to use Pinterest and I think we have just hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to seeing its uses for business and branding.

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Happy Pinning!

Note: This post was originally published on March 6, 2012. On March 8, PinClout changed its name to PinReach, as you see reflected above. 

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