PinAlerts Tracks What’s Being Pinned at Your Website

pinalerts, a free tool for pinterest pinners

You’re creating gorgeous Pinterest boards filled with stunning sunsets, wedding cakes fit for royalty and bling you can only dream about. And you’re having a ball.

But does Pinterest bring money through the door? It sure can, if you know which product photos and images at your website are being pinned the most.

PinAlerts, a new and free Pinterest tool that’s sort of like Google Alerts, will email you every time your website receives a new pin on Pinterest. You can decide how frequently you want to be alerted: daily, weekly or as it happens. The emails include a link to the latest pins with a description.

You can read how PinAlerts works.

Recommended for YouWebcast: The Art of Community Development: Turning Brand Awareness Into Sales was developed by Pinterest experts Janet Thaeler, Paul Wilson and John Benson of Pinnnable Business develops Pinterest marketing tools and solutions. PinAlerts is the company’s first release and is currently in beta.

5 Ways to Use This in Your Marketing

Janet helped me compile a list of ways you can use this cool tool in your marketing campaigns:

  • You can tell instantly which product photos are the most popular. If photos of some of your most popular products aren’t being pinned, it might be time to reshoot those photos.
  • You can do competitive research to see what others in your industry are pinning so you can see the types of content that does well in your niche.
  • You can find potential joint venture partners. “Yesterday, I sent an alert to OrangeSoda and they saw that the person who pinned their new product works for a major newspaper and could be a potential partner,” Janet said.
  • You can see how the market views your product by reading the descriptions below the photos that people are pinning. Often, the descriptions are very flattering.
  • “I also want to know what articles I write get pinned,” Janet said. So she creates images to accompany them, using a variety of free web tools. See “How to Easily Create Free or Inexpensive Infographics,” a webinar I’m presenting next week that feature some super-cool and drop-dead-simple tools for creating everything from pie charts and maps to those colorful quotes that you see all the time on Pinterest.

A heads-up from Janet: “People pin your head shot from your website or blog. So make sure it’s pinnable and good-quality.”

What other uses can you think of for PinAlerts? Any other Pinterest tools you know about and use?

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