New Additions To Pinterest In 2014

January has already brought many updates and improvements to Pinterest. The updates included the new Explore Interests dashboard search, the integration on GIFs, a new ‘Buy from site’ button on rich product pins, a new food search capability (ie: vegan, paleo, gluten free), and the slow release of Promoted Pins. Stay up-to-date on what all of these updates look like, why they’re important, and how they can help your brand succeed by checking them out below.

Explore Interests

On Monday, Pinterest released its new ‘Explore Interests’ feature to its users. This new and ever-evolving feature lets pinners discover new pins through personalized categories based on what they pin most often.

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To see your ‘Explore Interests’ selection, click top left categories button!

Pinterest now supports GIFs

Another feature that’s rolling out on Pinterest are GIFs. GIFs offer brands a huge opportunity for creative content creation. GIFs are a very popular feature on Tumblr, another image-sharing site. Last Thursday, Pinterest announced the integration of playable GIF pins into the platform.

The main difference between GIFs on Tumblr and Pinterest is that on Pinterest, the GIF won’t be animated until the play button is pressed or the pin is clicked on. On Tumblr, GIFs automatically play and loop. GIFs offer brands the opportunity to share their products and services in a unique, fun, and animated way. Below are some unique GIFs we found on Pinterest to inspire your creativity.

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StrawberryBagDaft Punk

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PusheenLondon Fashion WeekColor Wheel

Pinterest’s new ‘Buy from site’ button

Pinterest just added a ‘Buy from site’ button to the top of product Rich Pins. This will not only make it more convenient for pinners to click through to the website, but also promotes product sales as well. Does your website have Rich Pins yet? It’s free and fairly easy to implement.

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Recipe search filter

Pinterest’s new recipe search filter for recipes is an exciting and promising feature to many with picky tastes, restrictive diets, and those who are searching for a recipe that’s specifically vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo, or indulgent (aka: delicious). Note: the only recipes showing up through these filters now must have already been registered in Punchfork’s database, a company which was recently acquired by Pinterest.

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Promoted Pins have been spotted!

Although Promoted Pins were announced last September, we hadn’t spotted any until last week. Retailers like J.Crew, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Walmart were behind a few of the featured pins, but not all users are seeing them just yet, since they’re still being tested. We’re excited to see where Promoted Pins go on Pinterest.

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Four Seasons Promoted PinMinted Promoted Pin

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