Need To Boost Holiday Sales? Go After Female Boomers On Pinterest

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  • I think that big data is a powerful tool if you know how to sort out what’s important from what’s not.. and interpret data accordingly. Do you think that Pinterest is only great for those in retail? Like, if you’re into an accounting business, you’d fare well in using other sites instead as Pinterest is visually-oriented. It’s intriguing how more women are hanging out on that site; I wonder just how you can attract more male demographic there. Thanks!

    • Shaleen,

      I couldn’t agree more! Actually, I honed in on retail specifically because it is topical with the US holiday season approaching, and I found the thesis about female boomers interesting. Having said that, I am a huge believer that every brand should be on Pinterest, period. It gives brands a chance to connect to their target audience on a deeper level through visual engagement. Moreover, a company can embed video and link to its other web-based content marketing resources to attract like-minded prospects to its company site.

      With regard to men, I wrote a piece a while back using data from Compete that showed men are actually more likely to complete a purchase after viewing a product on Pinterest by a roughly 2 to 1 margin over women (

      Granted, owing to the fact that there are fewer men on the Pinterest site, the total number of male purchasers is still lower than women. However, this anecdotal evidence suggests that if more men were to engage with Pinterest, they’d perhaps be the leading drivers of purchase.

      As to how you make this come about, alas, that is left for another blog (which you may have just inspired)…

      Thanks for your useful insight!

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