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Men Making a Splash on Pinterest

Summer is here! With the changing season and “The Boys of Summer” tune running through our minds, we couldn’t help but think about guys who are making waves on Pinterest. According to a social media report by Nielsen, the gender gap on Pinterest appears to be slowly closing. Up to 30% of Pinterest users are men and there’s a lot more guy-oriented content on the site including sports, cars and tattoos. Notably, the NHL has more than 1.3M followers!

We’re fortunate enough to work with more than 250 of the most followed people on Pinterest, so we decided to spotlight a few guys we think you’d be interested in checking out. We’ll start with Paul Samples, Luke Dean Weymark and Josh Draper because they’re great examples of how men can use Pinterest both personally and professionally.

> Paul Samples

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Resident New Yorker, Paul works in exhibition design for The National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington D.C. In a recent interview with Paul, we asked him what it’s like being a guy on Pinterest.

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“It’s weird that an image collection site could be thought of as a male or female thing. I’m constantly wanting to see more of everything and Pinterest helps me keep track of it all. It’s cool that other people use Pinterest for how-to braid your hair techniques too. That’s what makes Pinterest great. You can tailor the site to be exactly what you want based on your own interests,” he replied.

Paul’s 23 boards cover unique design ideas for work, art, things he likes, things his girlfriend wants, and things he wants to own. More than 450,000 people follow him on Pinterest. Check out his boards and his website!

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> Luke Dean Weymark

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Luke is an Australian PR-man who loves travel and extreme sports. He recently spent 18 months on a trip around the world and lived in London for six of those months. He’s an avid photographer, surfer and blogger.

He has more than 900,000 Pinterest followers and 47 boards filled with exotic locations, his own photography, magnificent machines, gadgets and food.

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> Josh Draper

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Another New Yorker who needs to be on your radar is Josh Draper, an architectural designer for PrePost and Adjunct Assistant Professor at GSAPP, Columbia University.

With 149 beautiful, visually stimulating boards, Josh has gained an impressive 2.3M Pinterest followers. Although many of his boards are design-related, he’s started a board for recipes he wants to use to become a better cook.

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Pinterest describes itself as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” So male or female, Pinterest can and should be used for sharing whatever interests you.

Only time will tell if the percentage of men and women on Pinterest will even out. In the meantime, check out some of our previous conversations with other amazing male pinners who are a part of HelloSociety’s network of Pinterest influencers.

> Michael Wurm, Jr. is a designer and the voice behind Inspired by Charm who has 3.6M Pinterest followers.

> Chris Falman is a pastry chef and the founder of Baker By Design who has more than 415,000 Pinterest followers.

> Tim Sullentrup is a graphic designer, illustrator and the founder of Sullentrup design who has more than 330,000 Pinterest followers.

Stay tuned for our in-depth interview with Paul and for more Pinspiring men who we’ll talk to throughout the summer!

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