Meet Justin Moore – Alabama Native, Vintage and Tattoo Enthusiast, and Pinterest Influencer


Vintage enthusiast, Justin Moore, is a small business owner in Alabama who has captivated the eyes and minds of his 3M+ Pinterest followers. Justin thinks of himself as just an average guy who enjoys the simple things in life, but he’s successfully turned his lifelong hobby of restoration into a career! His company, Top Notch Dustless Blasting, helps restore antiques by removing paint and rust from a variety of objects ranging from classic cars to antique refrigerators. We had the opportunity to chat with Justin about his passion for all things vintage and learned about his interest in tattoo artistry.

When did you start using Pinterest and why do you like it?

My wife is the reason I got involved with Pinterest. She kept talking about how great it was and she got hooked pretty fast so I checked it out. The pins that really drew me in were the funny ones like memes. Then I discovered tattoos, vintage art and behind-the-scenes shots from great old films with Audrey Hepburn and other people I’d like to learn more about. Also, I think you can learn more about a person through their Pinterest than their Facebook.

You have gained more than 3M followers. Amazing! What makes your Pinterest unique?

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People really like my Tattoo & Novelties board. I have several tattoos and I love the artistry behind it. It’s not easy to create a good tattoo, so I appreciate the overall talent of the artists who do it well and the labor they put into building their skills. Tattooing is also unlike any other art form because you can’t undo what you’ve created.

Many of my tattoos are devoted to my family and I’ve found out through my own experiences that getting a tattoo can provide a memory too. When you combine a love for travel with an overwhelming desire to get tattooed, you start planning trips to go where the good tattoo artists are. I think that real connection is why so many people like my Tattoo & Novelties board.

Justin's tattoo

Justin’s tattoo artwork was done by Cris Cleen of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY.

Your Pinterest is very masculine. How does it feel being a guy on Pinterest?

I don’t really consider Pinterest a guy or girl thing. There are a lot of women with cool boards and pins that I really enjoy too. Pinterest seems to be catching on with more guys but I have a lot of guy friends who still don’t really get it. They see Pinterest and instantly try to upload their Facebook photos. It’s actually a little funny sometimes.

Has Pinterest ever inspired your business or projects?

I’ve definitely used Pinterest to inspire some of my restorations. In a lot of ways, Pinterest is like having a subscription to a large catalog with an infinite amount of current trends and cool things from decades ago. You can find inspiration for just about anything, especially things you can do in your own backyard. It’s easy to find inspiration on Pinterest for all aspects of your life like the 1955 Buick Special car I restored.

Growing up my first passion was always old cars. Hot rods, muscle cars– I didn’t really care as long as it was old. The first car I ever owned was a ‘69 Chevy Camaro. It was beautiful. It didn’t start out like that though. It took a lot of time and a good bit of money to get it to a point where I was happy with it. My business keeps me connected to the hot rod world. I can essentially take a car that has either been forgotten or discarded and strip the old rust and paint off of the car without damaging the metal surface. It’s gratifying to start with something most people would consider junk and turning into a usable object.


Justin’s restored car is pictured above. It’s a 1955 Buick Special named “Bernadette.”

We definitely agree! So what are your plans for the future?

My wife and I are expecting our first child in the fall. Right now I’m just ready for this kid to get here and I can hardly stand the wait. Apart from that, I’m just growing my business. I’ve never been the type of guy who plans too far ahead, so I just kind of hope for things to happen and if they don’t happen, it was never meant to be.


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