Is Pinterest Pointless for B2B Tech Companies?

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  • Hi there – interesting article. I have really struggled with Pinterest. There is a plethora of fluffy, pointless nonsense on it and I find the assault on the senses with all of the images and colours really, really difficult to navigate. On top of that, finding relevant information in amongst all of the dross is daunting (for me at least) – not like the precision or wide-ranging possibilities of using a normal web search, which isn;t just limited in this sense.
    The idea of distributing infographics is interesting and is possibly worth trying, but again, it’s another social site, and with limited time available for keeping on top of this, it’s a question of “does it really have the audience to engage with” that something like twitter does, which isn’t limited in the fact you can post links, pictures, videos whatever … and then there is looking after the development of followers etc. I have to confess to not being a convert. I also can’t see a time when I would easily be converted to using Pinterest, possibly as I have no interest in shopping using it, I’ve never developed any connection with it. I’m not a marketer or PR though, so this is a purely amateur point of view.

  • Great points! I think it’s tough for any business to really visualize how something as image-driven as Pinterest can help with their marketing, especially if you’re in the B2B space.

    Really, just like any social network, using Pinterest effectively comes down to integrating it with a broader social media marketing strategy. For example, Constant Contact talks about how they break down guides into different images, so people can click on each page and re-pin them. The pin links to the guide, too, so that can help drive traffic.

    If you’re just repurposing content you already have, then social media isn’t any more work, and it can reach a broader audience and help connect with customers across a lot of different channels.

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