Integrating Pinterest Into Your Social Media Strategy

Marketers shouldn’t ignore Pinterest any longer. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites today. There were 11.7 million monthly users in the United States recorded in January. That makes Pinterest the fastest standalone website in history to cross the 10 million mark.

Why you should be on Pinterest:
1. It drives traffic
2. Content is highly sharable
3. Top brands such as Nike and Pepsi are using it
4. Pinterest converts browsers into buyers
5. User engagement is high
6. It integrates with your website and other social networks

So what can your company do with Pinterest?
Recently, I attended Social Media Week in Chicago and learned about the benefits of Pinterest contests for brands and companies.

A Pinterest contest allows you to create a campaign specific to your target market. Users create boards full of images that relate to your company which in turn will promote your company to all of their followers. Contests are also a lot of fun and get your audience involved. Having rewarding prizes or incentives involved in the contest will encourage participation-let’s be honest, everyone loves to win free stuff!

Why would you run a Pinterest contest?
Pinterest gives you the opportunity to promote your products on a platform that is highly sharable. Pins are attached with website links which helps drive traffic to your website while also letting the user go back to the original source.

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Pinterest contests hold A LOT of potential for brands. As with any contest or social media campaign, creating a Pinterest contest will increase your brand reach and engagement with loyal users.

What are important things to remember when creating a Pinterest contest?
1. Keep it simple. Don’t have a contest that is too overly complicated, hard to understand or one with an endless list of rules. This isn’t fun for anyone and people probably won’t participate.
2. Think like a pinner. Have content that is relevant to your company and customer interests. Give users a reason to repin your pins by making it memorable, unique and exciting!
3. Engagement is key. Encourage participation as much as possible.
4. Capitalize on the opportunity for your pins to go viral.
5. Main image should be eye catching, worth sharing, and something consumers want to pin.

How do you get people to participate?
The best way to get people to participate in a Pinterest contest, or any contest for that matter, is by keeping it simple and fun. You can do this by having short, simple, and clear rules so that it doesn’t get overly complicated to figure out how to participate. It is also important to make it fun! Make people want to participate by having a unique contest that is memorable and valuable. Another key point is to make sure to include a “pin it” button on all of your images. That way if people like an image they see on your website they are able to quickly and easily pin it. Keep your users informed by supplying as much information as possible, while still keeping it simple and easy to understand. If it’s too complicated people will lose interest and not participate. Lastly, share about your contest on all of your marketing platforms to let your fans know about this exciting opportunity.

Challenge: How do you get people to keep a board after a contest and not delete it?
Solution: Continue to be creative, have fun, and pin unique content. Have a contest where users have to create a board that they will want to keep because their pins are so valuable.

You need to integrate Pinterest into your social media strategy. Here is how to get started:
1. Use Pinterest language and images on existing channels
2. Promote through your subscription email
3. Promote it on your Blog
4. Promote through your Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and any other social media platforms you have.

Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. By integrating Pinterest into your social media plan, you would be gaining a huge audience which in turn will help your business grow. So what are you waiting for? Create a Pinterest account now and get started!

How many of you use Pinterest with your business? If so, what kind of positive influence has it had on your business?

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