How To Create Or Convert To A Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing Social Networks around. Many marketers have wondered how and why they should take advantage of Pinterest for their Marketing.

The folks at Pinterest have given the green light to Businesses and Brands to start their Pinterest “Push” with the announcement of Pinterest Business accounts.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account / Page

You can either create or convert your existing Pinterest account or create a new one by going to

You will be able to categorize your Business by the following categories:

  • Professional
  • Public Figure
  • Media
  • Brand
  • Retailer
  • Online Marketplace
  • Local Business
  • Institution / Non-Profit
  • Other

We have a great 1 minute video on how to convert your existing personal Pinterest account to a Business account below:

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Benefits Of A Pinterest Business Account / Page

So why should you create or convert your existing Pinterest page? Well, you don’t need to right away, but it appears Pinterest will be making a larger commitment to brands in the future. For now, if your personal page is effective and you see no advantage to it, then stick with what you have. There are still a number of ways to maximize the effectiveness of your existing personal Pinterest account.

Maybe from an SEO standpoint, it is possible that there will be some benefit for categorization soon but on the surface and at the moment, a Pinterest Business and Personal page is nearly identical.

In the future, however, you could see many differences between categories, especially when it comes to Local businesses which could include features such as interactive maps and easy contact access similarly to Facebook Local Pages.

Video via NetBizMedia

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How To Create Or Convert To A Pinterest Business Account

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