How To Create A Tutorial Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is growing at a fast pace, and this social network can no longer be ignored. More brands are creating their own Pinterest accounts to promote their products. Most of us have thought of pinning links to our blog, video, or other content on the web.

How about creating a tutorial on Pinterest? It is possible to create an entire board that shows someone how to get something done. You can do this on Pinterest one pin at a time. Let’s say you wanted to teach someone how to create their own blog. You could start by pinning pictures of the WordPress and Blogger logos. Then you could compare them in 500 characters or less. You can also include a link to one of your blog posts if you have one about WordPress and Blogger.

Then you would show someone how to get their free domain on WordPress or Blogger. You can pin a picture that shows them the entire process and describe how someone would get their free domain step by step. The best part is that with 500 characters, you are able to give the reader some details, but you don’t bore them with countless paragraphs.

After that, you could show someone how they would write and publish their first post. You can show them how to add tags, categories, and content to their first blog post. This can be explained in a pin. The last thing you would have to do is pin a picture of a pen and tell your reader to keep on writing.

You can create a tutorial for anything on Pinterest. You could show someone how to cook your favorite recipe or show someone all of the keyboard shortcuts on a Mac Book Pro. All you have to do to create your tutorial is to find pictures and keep on pinning.

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