Gallina Blanca Has Its Eyes on Pinterest

What is Pinterest? By now, even the least active social media users know the answer to this question. After two-years, Pinterest has evolved from a social network minority – appealing to a niche segment of image collectors – to a mainstream social media juggernaut. Since April 2012, Pinterest has been considered the third most popular social network in the U.S., becoming the preferred traffic driver for online retailers, and recently surpassing Tumblr in number of monthly visits.

Earlier this year, we faced the challenge of developing a Pinterest page for our client Gallina Blanca. At the time, very few Spanish brands had ventured into the world of boards and pins, so we got to work without any clear references or benchmarks.

Before diving in, we had two major factors to consider: On the one hand we had access to great images that would appeal to the eyes and stomachs of the brand’s followers and ultimately create engagement and direct traffic to their website. On the other hand, we had a bunch of Gallina Blanca recipes, which were supposed to be the focus of the Pinterest initiative. To reconcile all of the objectives, we decided to create recipe-specific boards. Short and evocative descriptions – a single adjective or a brief reflection – supported the visual language that is synonymous with the Pinterest experience. The recipes themselves were visually driven and provided ample opportunity for communication and engagement to extend beyond the Pinterest platform and drive traffic to the client’s website.

The management of Gallina Blanca’s Pinterest presence has received praise from various social media experts, reaffirming its position as one of the most reputable brands online and setting a new benchmark for social network community management. Beyond this feedback, we have enjoyed experimenting and researching the potential of social networking sites. Finding an excellent platform to communicate is only half the challenge; it’s going a little further and taking advantage of its flexibility – to use the boards to convey a new corporate image, to highlight press clippings or do a storytelling event – is the true test.

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