The Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest Promotions

When you want to find the perfect images and blog posts, Pinterest is the place to go. As this social media platform’s name implies, you “pin” whatever fancies your interest. But it’s not just for your typical interest user. Brands are now using Pinterest to reach out to over 70 million users in the form of pins and boards. It’s a great interactive platform that brands can use to share images and sites in order to funnel traffic towards their home page or their online shop. You can create boards dedicated to each aspect of your business, which gives users the option to follow one or all of your boards.

Despite the popularity of Pinterest, there are still some users and social media marketers that aren’t quite so sure how to effectively promote on Pinterest. If you’re looking for a guide for how you can promote your brand and its products, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of do’s and don’ts for promoting via Pinterest.

What You Should Do:

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  • Find out what content you should be pinning. Of course, before you can start promoting, you need to amass a large enough following for your promotions to gain traction. The best way to go about this is by generating unique and interesting content. Try looking through Pinterest boards of businesses in the same industry as yours and checking out what majority of their followers find interesting. If you were in the furniture industry, what are interior design Pinterest brands posting about? Are their product shots getting a lot of engagement? Are their users more interested in rooms featuring their products? Are larger or more ornate pieces of furniture getting more likes and repins than smaller, more minimalist furniture? It’s information like this that could serve as your benchmark for relevant content.
  • Know what’s generally interesting across most followers. Pinterest is mainly a visual platform that people can casually browse through without thinking too much. But even instinctually, there are some images that people generally more interesting than others. For instance, images that are colorful or have predominantly warm colors (red, brown or orange) are more likely to be repinned. Images that are brighter and lighter are more likely to be repinned than very dark images. Lastly, brand images that don’t contain faces are 23% more likely to be repinned that those that primarily feature someone’s face.

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  • Be an active user. Many Pinterest members check their dashboards on a daily basis. If you only pin about once a week, then your boards would become easy to forget. Once you’ve established what content you want to pin, keep consistently pinning those types of content to both promote brand awareness and to show other users what your boards have to offer. In addition to posting lots of content, also repin from and comment on other boards. This is most likely to generate reciprocation and may win you a few more followers.
  • Hold Pinterest contests from time to time. These are an awesome way to reach out to your market. Not only would the prize motivate your followers to enter, but contests that encourage your followers to share content may be seen by a larger group of people. It’s referrals, shares and interactions like these that help increase your brand’s following for more sales. Here are some traits of a great Pinterest contest:— Make it easy to enter your contest. A simple comment on a post can be considered as a content entry. However, if your contest has a bigger prize, you may want to ask your followers to create an entire board for the contest. Still, creating a board is still quite easy! Just make sure your prize is a big enough incentive to get users to do more work to enter.— The promo image should be visually appealing, while also informative, to grab the attention of your followers. Pinterest boards, after all, are known for their visual appeal. So you’d need to up your game to really stand out amidst all the pins in other boards.

    Make the prize interesting to your followers. If your followers are gardening enthusiasts, it wouldn’t make sense if your prize was a gift card to a craft supply store, would it?

    Make sure that mobile users can also enter your contest. Many internet users are on their phones quite often, so it’s best to factor them into the demographic as well.

    Promote your contest on other social media sites to make sure that many are aware of the contest and its prize. Who knows, maybe a Facebook or Twitter user would create a Pinterest account specifically to be able to join your contest.

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What You Shouldn’t Do:

  • Don’t flood. Flooding is never okay on Pinterest or on any other social media site. The reason people choose to follow different boards is so that they can have a variety of images to look at as they browse through Pinterest. If you’re monopolizing their board, then you’re saturating the content users see with only your content. Be active, but not overbearing.
  • Don’t be too enthusiastic with the comments. Comments are a great way to encourage engagement among your followers, but if you comment too often, users might think of your comments as spam. In addition, you don’t have to reply to every single person who has repinned your content or commented on it. You can simply thank them at the end or just answer any questions within the pin in one fell swoop.

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  • Don’t call your contest “Pin It to Win It.” Not only is this such an overused contest name, but you can’t ask your followers to only pin your products or content to win enter. You can encourage them to pin your content, but this shouldn’t be the major criteria to make them qualify.
  • Never suggest or imply that Pinterest endorses your promotion. On Pinterest, all brands are equal. There’s no preference for a certain brand that Pinterest thinks you should follow. Your brand’s promotions and contests are your affair and the only reason Pinterest can be involved is because it’s the social media platform you have chosen to hold it.

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