Does Pinerly Solve Pinterest’s Analytical Shortcomings?

Pinerly LogoPinterest has quickly become the next big thing. More so than any other new social network, Pinterest has achieved accelerated growth in a relatively static ecosystem of social media giants. Facebook and Twitter may be the current status quo, but new sites like Pinterest certainly offer something that attracts users by the masses. Given its potential, everybody is wondering whether Pinterest has the spark that made Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn the marketing hubs they’ve become today.

Two programmers from Toronto, Rick Kats and Vlad Barshai, seem to think Pinterest will be the next powerhouse, and they’ve identified a way to jump on board. Kats and Barshai realized that although Pinterest is gaining a huge level of popularity, it has yet to release user-friendly analytics that marketers can use to shape a strong strategy. Currently, businesses who want to market themselves by participating on Pinterest don’t have the capacity to gauge their own effectiveness or to create better pins. So, Kats and Barshai started Pinerly.

Pinerly is one of the latest attempts at making Pinterest analytics easy and accessible. Founded last March, Pinerly says that it aims to become “the first social ad network that makes it easy for anyone to market their visual content across visually centered sites, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.” From everything it’s doing right now, it’s safe to say that Pinerly isn’t expanding past Pinterest anytime soon.

Recently, we were given the chance to explore Pinerly’s services ourselves, which are currently in beta. Having realized the limitations of Pinterest marketing already, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a grasp on our Pinterest strategy. Here’s what we noticed right away:

The Good

Pinerly has an easy-to-use and intuitive setup. They’ve done a great job integrating their branding with Pinterest’s, and there are no hidden corners of Pinerly features.

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They offer useful analytics like an instant overview of your best pinboards, how much a pin is clicked, and how much activity a pin experiences over time. You also get information on number of likes, repins, general reach, and views. Simple numbers, but good tools to have.

The Bad

Pinerly offers no special analytics. It tabulates relatively simple numbers, that could be gathered manually without much trouble. Various other tool sites for Pinterest offer similar services (with a less likeable interface). Other, well-established companies like Buddy Media also offer Pinterest analytics in their treasure chests of services.

Pinerly also requires an extra step that’s not nearly as clean as most other third-party channels. For every pin you post on Pinterest using Pinerly, you have to provide the regular Pin information, confirm the pin through Pinterest , then notify Pinerly that the pinning occurred. Granted, Pinerly makes this 3-step process, easy, but it’s nowhere near as clean as HootSuite’s options for Facebook and Twitter posting.

Pinerly is Not Alone Either

Pinreach tracks performance levels using basic Pinterest data. They offer less analytics than Pinerly, but not by much.

Curalate, which just raised $750,000 in seed funding, allows users to moderate their Pinterest accounts better.

If any of these companies (including Pinerly) are going to make a real difference, they need to make their analytics useful and relevant. Pinerly has a great start by offering an intuitive user experience, but it won’t make waves for marketers without creating better tools and a simple process.

It’s important to remember that Pinerly is a new platform, and its developing an external process from Pinterest. The strongest analytics may just have to come from Pinterest itself. But if you want quick, simple analytics immediately, Pinerly might just have what you’re looking for. It has a great interface and it’s just over six months old. With a number of large companies already using its services, it’s definitely a company to watch out for.

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