How Brands Can Improve Their Pinterest Accounts

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So you’ve already created a Pinterest account for your brand and it’s going… okay. With Pinterest now being second highest social media platform for website traffic referrals, that means more click throughs, brand exposure, and purchases of your products. So how can a brand optimize its boards, pins, and website to make sure it’s getting the most out of Pinterest?

1.) Create new boards for the seasons

With fall here and winter on the way — as well as Thanksgiving (ahem: Black Friday) and Christmas — it’s important to create boards to stay current, relate to your followers’ interests, and show up in the most popular searches. Season and holiday-specific boards are a great way to do just that!

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2.) Interact with followers

When people comment on your pin asking a question or saying something positive, comment back. Your interaction will encourage them to not only follow your boards, but more importantly learn more about your brand and products and establish a relationship with the brand.

3.) Collaborate on a group board

Creating a group board co-pinned by a well-established Pinterest tastemaker with similar aesthetics to the brand is a sure way to get noticed and extend reach. You can check out HelloSociety’s network of highly-followed tastemakers here. Other options are to invite your followers to pin to your group board. Whether it be Christmas inspirations, recipes, or photography, they’ll feel closer to the brand.

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4.) Upload, ‘pin it’ AND repin

Avoid only uploading or pinning directly from websites. Repinning is a great way to gain followers because with every repin you’re sending them a notification. Some brands don’t want to have any other brands’ products on their Pinterest account, which is fine, but repin other interesting content that isn’t tied to your brand like recipes, photographs, and quotes to stay well rounded. Note: When you upload pins, make sure to tie the link to your images after uploading with ‘edit.’

5.) Get rich pins already!

If you don’t know much, or anything, about rich pins, first read Pinterest’s description, then our translation, and then get it here. When pinners see a large title, price, ingredients, etc… those pins stand out and this added information is not only helpful, but encourages pinners to click through.

Fashion (Pin via Nordstrom)

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Recipes (Pin via No. 2 Pencil)

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Movies (Pin via IMDb)

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Articles (Pin via The Huffington Post)

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6.) Pin with descriptions & hashtags

Descriptions make your pins more likely to be found in searches and can persuade your followers to click through to learn more. Keep it short but sweet and a few words is best.

Hashtags are also a great way to tag your pins with your brand name, current campaign name, or slogan without it being too obvious or promotion-based like some obvious watermarks seem. Hashtags help spread your campaign name and pins like wildfire. Use them!

One example of a brand using hashtags on Pinterest successfully is Splendid.

7.) Stop pinning wide (aka: small) images

If you want to share your brand’s content on Pinterest, take vertical photographs! If you want to share existing content but the images are too small for Pinterest because of width, you can either:

A) Take a screenshot of the image making it’s narrower, upload the image and add the correct link associated with it.

B) Photoshop two different images on top of one another to give it more pin-worthy dimensions.

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Pin examples via No. 2 Pencil

Can you think of other successful tactics for brands to be successful on Pinterest? Comment below!

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  • stacy says:

    Great tips, I think another really important thing for brands to focus on is the make up of their audience — who are they, why are they connecting with your brand and how can you give them more of what they are looking for. Become an amazing resource and people will seek you out.

  • Danielle says:

    As always, great content B2C! Although, I would disagree with tip #7. I am getting pretty tired of all the infographics and long pins that I have to scroll to see the whole image. I personally and drawn to the smaller, yet captivating images on my page. I guess the oPINion is up to each of us to figure out.

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