Branding 2013: Embrace Pinterest and Show Your Personal Side

As 2012 begins to wind down, it’s becoming clear that 2013 will be the year of personalization for marketers. So much has changed in 2012 about the way people find information. Search, for example,  has already shifted to give more personal results based on a user’s location and preferences, Facebook and Twitter allow for promoted posting and tweets targeted to a user’s profile. Pinterest was built to accommodate brand personalization, and for months now we have talked about how to utilize Pinterest for business. Now, Pinterest has made it that much easier with the introduction of Pinterest Business accounts and tools.

The new Pinterest Business accounts do not really provide anything much different from that of a normal user account. However, the very fact that Pinterest is now so accommodating to accounts with commercial interests implies that the social networking platform may soon monetize. Just like Facebook and Twitter began offering options for advertising and self-promotion, we might soon see “promoted pins” on Pinterest.

Though the hardcore pinners may shudder at the thought of Pinterest introducing advertising, I see great things happening in the future of this social networking site. As a consumer, I would love to see Pinterest turn from an “inspiration” website into an actual place of commerce. If I were able to make trustworthy transactions directly from one of my favorite social networking sites, then that would be fantastic.

But that hasn’t happened just yet, so in the meantime, businesses should simply focus on using their Pinterest profiles to engage with their customers. This means using boards to showcase your content and products. As a business, you should also be using Pinterest to humanize your brand-give prospects and customers a glimpse at your office culture with images of the workplace. Transparency is a key part of being a trustworthy company; Pinterest provides the ideal platform to demonstrate to your customers exactly who you are and why you’re in business.

If your company has a presence on Pinterest, it is highly recommended that you migrate to the Pinterest business pages right away. If your company doesn’t have a Pinterest presence, then you definitely should create one, even if its only for the purpose of having one sooner rather than later. Though it may seem that not much has changed about the platform, eventually, those that equip themselves with business-specific pages right now will reap the benefits of early adoption.

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  • Rebecca says:

    Do we know yet what the visibility will be like for “business” pages? For example, will business pages on Pinterest be able to “like” and “repin” pins on personal Pinterest pages? Or will they be restricted much like with Facebook pages?

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