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Last month, my sister told me about Lego’s official page on Pinterest. To my surprise, I found all famous brands here. The way they are using this social medium is phenomenal. I am a social media addict. Apart from spending time on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, I follow Pinterest too. Pinterest is a great place to manage theme based image collection like events, pictures and hobbies. The best part I like about this photo-sharing website is the way it is organized. No cluttering is there. All pins are pinned under different categories. One can easily search for the images they wish to see.

Here I present my 5 favorite toy brands on Pinterest-



I am a Barbie princess fan. Barbie is all stylish and glamorous on their page. Various boards are named after their campaigns. Barbie 2012, Malibu Summer 2013 are some to name. Boards have pins showing Barbie as Bella, Barbie mermaid, Catwoman Barbie and much more. Motivational captions present on their boards can please anyone. They are not much active on Pinterest. But with pink all over, they make you fall in love with them.

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Like their other social media initiatives, Lego is far behind on Pinterest. They have only 21 boards and 241 pins. When you see at their boards, you will see their creativity. Lego has given completely different and relevant names to their boards: The LEGO Wardrobe, LEGO Valentine, LEGO Friends and so on. These boards simply signify how LEGO blocks can be made in different ways and used creatively. I would like them to work more on Pinterest as they lack behind when compared to other brands.

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Dough

Melissa & Doug amongst my favorite, ranks highest on the no. of boards and followers it has on Pinterest. There are interesting boards catering to both parents and kids. Boards like Parenting Articles, Connect with MD, Best Toys for 2 Year old and so on. This official page of Melissa & Doug shows how well they have used this platform to engage their customers.

Here I present a chart presenting different brands in terms of number of followers they have on Pinterest.

chart followers

In the above chart, Melissa & Doug ranks the highest in terms of number of followers they have. Surprisingly, Fisher Price Toys is far behind WWE.

Step 2

Step 2

Step 2 has a kid’s centric page. Apart from focusing on their products, they also have laid due importance on other aspects related to kids. You can see blogs named as “Step 2 Blog”. One can pin yummy recipes from there. They also have a Family and Fitness board. What I like about this page is they have not kept their boards restricted to themselves, talking about other related aspects makes their page different from others.



While going through my favorites, I came across WWE. I was amazed to see the no. of pins they have on Pinterest. They have a board talking about WWE making a difference, as how they are contributing towards the society. Another board that seeks my attention the most is, WWE Career. This board talks about different fun activities WWE employees go for. WWE have personalized their page by involving everyone as a part of the family.

Here is a chart displaying different brands in terms of number of pins they possess.

chart pins

In the above chart, WWE has the maximum number of pins. Interestingly, Leapfrog Toys seems to be ahead of Barbie in terms of pins.

These above were my favorite toy brands on Pinterest. If you want to connect with your top toy brands, follow them.

Happy Pinning!

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