Do Not Begin 2014 By Making This Huge Pinterest Mistake

Do Not Begin 2014 By Making This Huge Pinterest Mistake

Let me guess. You finally opened your Pinterest business account and you’re thinking “Why aren’t we getting more repins and followers?” Well, let’s just hold on there for a minute speedy Gonzales. You might not be getting the results you hoped for because if you are like most people you are making this huge Pinterest mistake right off the bat….going on a pinning frenzy without a plan.

If you weren’t happy with your results in 2013 I will tell you right now that you need to take a step back and formulate a cohesive plan to help you organize & structure your time on Pinterest.

Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. I want you to succeed with your Pinterest marketing so here are four keys to maximizing your time spent on Pinterest in 2014:

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STEP 1: Identify your Pinterest marketing goals.

Are they…

  • building brand awareness

  • increasing audience engagement

  • driving traffic to your website

  • acquiring new customers

  • fostering community

  • entertaining, teaching, inspiring your audience

  • interacting with customers to collect more market feedback

  • selling your products and/or services

And the list goes on.  Be clear on your goal.

STEP 2:  Identify your target market.

  • Determine who you want to reach with your Pinterest interactions

  • What is your ideal prospect profile? Man, woman, age, location, status, income, likes, education etc.

The purpose of identifying your target market is to help you figure out how you can help them solve their problems and reach their goals.

Step 3: Create content that aligns with your target audience specifically.

After you have completed your Pinterest business plan you can start creating Pinterest boards that your target audience will want and need. Give your target audience proven valuable information they are looking for, they want and that they need. Make it easy for them to digest & apply the information.

To make a great impression I always suggest that you have a minimum of five boards before you start inviting all your contacts to follow you.

Step 4: Measure Results.

Before you start your Pinterest campaign establish metrics that are associated with your business goals. For example how much more traffic do you want to your website each month? How many customer comments do you want about your products?  How many new sales do you want to create in what time frame?

  • Decide how often you want to monitor your results.

  • What analytics will you use to measure your results?

If you cannot track and measure ROI accurately how will you ever know if something is working, partially working or bombing?

How will you ever know if the person you are paying to do the job for you is actually earning their paycheck? Hello! If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.

There is a lot to know in order to successfully operate a Pinterest account.

If it all seems like too much and you are frustrated going around and around trying to figure it out contact me at for a complimentary 30 minutes free consultation / coaching session.


Which one of the four aforementioned steps gives you the most trouble? Post your questions or comments below and I’ll be happy to help you.

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