7 Tricks All Bloggers on Pinterest Should Know

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It’s important for bloggers to optimize their content for Pinterest, since Pinterest is such a significant source of traffic for many bloggers out there. Problem is, a lot of bloggers still aren’t doing everything they can to fully optimize their content for Pinterest. This blog post can be used as a checklist to make sure your blog content is Pinterest-friendly and fully optimized to increase repins and likes, awareness, followers, and traffic!

All of these pin & board examples are from bloggers in the HelloSociety network.

1) An exclusive blog-content board

Bloggers should all have a board on the first row of their Pinterest accounts dedicated to their blog content only. It’s even better if that board shares Pinterest-exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes looks that aren’t featured on your other social media sites or blog to keep your followers coming back for more!

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Examples: Jennifer Haber Fishkind’s Princess Pinky Girl blog content board & Megan Gilger’s The Fresh Exchange blog content board.

2) Verify blog’s URL for Pinterest

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It’s really easy to verify your blog’s website for Pinterest. If you’re having any trouble, these tutorials and plugins for WordPress and Blogger can make it much simpler!

- WordPress & Blogger how-to article

- WordPress how-to article

- Blogger How-to article

Still having trouble? Read Pinterest’s explanation on why you may be having trouble.

3) Rich Pins

… are a blogger’s best friend. Want to get more repins, likes, and traffic? Activate Rich Pins!

Do you blog recipes? Rich pins will add your blog name to the pin from both a feed and pin perspective, and lists out the ingredients, serving size, and dietary restriction category (ie: Vegan) on the pin, but people must click through for the recipe. Rich pins is also amazing for products and articles.

- Learn more about Rich Pins here, get them for free here, and learn how to install them here, for easy and visual instructions from pinterest-savvy.net, or here, for a more detailed steps list from PinterestPlugin.com.

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Example Rich (recipe) Pin from Picky Palate

4) Vertical photos do much better

… so make sure to post [at least] one vertical photo on each of your blog posts to increase the likelihood of virality of your content on Pinterest.

By posting at least one photo that’s vertical, that photo will be better optimized for Pinterest, greatly increasing the likelihood of high interaction and reach. (The ideal pin dimensions are around 730 x 1200 pixels.)

5) Watermark your blog’s photos

… but make them small & non-distracting.

Giving your blog photos each a small, semi-visible watermark assures that your content pins will always be associated with your blog. That way, even if your pins’ URLs are changed or removed, people on Pinterest will still be able to use a search engine to find the actual blog post associated with those pins.

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A good example of subtle photo watermarking by I Heart Nap Time

6) If you have videos optimize them for pinning

… by reading our article overviewing each step needed for big video pins.

Pinning large and vertical images in place of the generic, small video icon on Pinterest can make a big impact on interaction and likelihood of sharing.

7) Input a unique ‘pin it’ button

… to promote pinning on all of your blog photos.

This will greatly increase the likelihood that your blog’s readers will share your content and the likelihood of virality.

- See Small for Big and Inspired By Charm’s blogs as an example. Hover your mouse over a photo to see their bigger, unique pin it buttons as great examples.

- Learn how to make and input your own unique pin it buttons here, in this blog post from Rylee Blake, or learn how to add regular hover pin it buttons to your blog here.

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Example of a unique pin it button from Small for Big

Want more info on how bloggers can make the most out of Pinterest? Check out The Pinterest Kitchen: How Bloggers Can Utilize Pinterest.

Have questions about how you can optimize your content for Pinterest, increase your following, or improve your Pinterest account? Contact us at info@hellosociety.com!

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