7 Pinterest Features You Probably Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

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  • Nice article. Thanks for sharing it. Quick question re: #2 – I have wished there was a way to include a personal message whenever I email a pin — and you mention that it’s possible. Where do you find that field to personalize the message? I still don’t see it anywhere. Thanks again!

    • Hello Jody. The image shows exactly where the to include the personalized message. Look at the red arrows closely. Thanks.

  • Hi, I just need to ask:

    I did pin a product from an ecommerce website, there information (like product price) on ecommerce website was updated but it was not reflected in my pinned information.

    • Hello Saif,

      If the site you pinned from does not have the Product Rich Pin integrated then the pin won’t show any price changes. Thanks.

  • having trouble printing a pin. Even tried emailing to myself but still no option to print. Can you please help me? Thanks

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