7 Little-known Pinterest Gems

Pinterest is a great place to discover, save and share pins of recipes, clothes, products, travel destinations and inspiring quotes… but what about the more unexpected uses for Pinterest? This list shares seven great little-known ways people can enjoy Pinterest even more.

1. Watch & share movie trailers

Pinning videos is a great way to share an upcoming movie you’re excited about seeing or seeing the movie trailer to one of your favorite classics. The new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie trailer has been making the rounds on Pinterest. Don’t see your favorite movie trailer? Pin it yourself from YouTube or Vimeo!

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2. Make a visual résumé

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Upload images of your work onto Pinterest. See this awesome Pinterest résumé from Linda Ward as an example. These work especially well with photography, design, art, film, fashion, and communications students or graduates.

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3. Discover poetry

Check out these poems from Tyler Knott Gregson’s Typewriter series. Search Poetry on Pinterest for more awesome poems.

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4. View and share music videos

There’s a variety of music videos on Pinterest too, like this Avicii one from Billboard. Pin YouTube or Vimeo videos so they’ll play while still on Pinterest. Now go search your heart out and start pinning music videos!

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5. Make your own photo gallery board

Have at least one board dedicated to holding photographs that speak to you without a purpose. See Maiko’s Planet Blue board as a beautiful example.

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6. Make grocery or shopping lists

Pin your grocery list a few days or hours before going shopping. Visualizing your list may help you remember each item and sometimes it’s helpful to see the product instead of just writing it down on a piece of paper you could lose. Then just pull up your board from your smartphone’s Pinterest app at the grocery store! – See other examples

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7. Make Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, or Wedding Wish Lists

Pin everything you’d love to get for gifts and double check that the appropriate link is attached to every pin. Pin a variety of items at different price points to give your loved ones lots of fun options. – See examples

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Can you think of other unique ways Pinterest can be used? Share them with us in the comments below!

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