6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Presence Today

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Presence Today

Would you like to improve your Pinterest presence today?

Building your presence on most social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. takes a lot of time usually. You need to learn about your audience, find great things to share, experiment with what exactly works, work on getting more followers, etc. But on Pinterest improving your presence can be done instantly from the very first day itself. If you would like to get a fantastic response from your audience today itself you have to read this post. Take a look at all the steps below…

1. See what’s being pinned:

The first thing you need to do is find out what is being pinned from popular websites that publish articles and images on the topic you are interested in sharing. Using the special URL ‘http://www.pinterest.com/source/domainname.com/’ check what is being pinned from your website (you replace domainname with your domain name). After this you can do the same thing with popular websites.

Find Out What is Being Pinned From Top Websites to Pinterest

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If you want to build your presence under the food niche because you have a food blog or sell food products, you can use the above special URL see what people are pinning from a top site like Allrecipes. You can then look into sites like The Pioneer Woman, Bon Appétit and many many more to see what articles and images people like to share from these websites. Also check which ones get the most repins, likes and comments. You can also look in the Food & Drink Category on Pinterest to see what’s being shared.

2. Visit the popular section:

Once you have an idea about the type of pins that are being shared under your Niche, you need to go through the ‘Popular Section’ on Pinterest. Here, look for pins that are similar to the ones you found through step one.

Pinterest Popular Section

After you have found some really popular pins that are being repined and liked several times you can move on to your next step.

3. Find your best pin time:

The next step is to find your best time to pin. As with every social network, timing is really important on Pinterest. Timing your pins at the right time will get you more repins, likes, comments, followers, website traffic, etc.

Best Time to Pin on Pinterest

According to Bitrebels the best time to share on Pinterest is between 2 PM to 4 PM in the afternoon and 8 PM to 1 AM in the night. But instead of just relying on general statistics, the best thing would be to find your own personal optimum pin time. A tool that can help you with this is GoPixel. Once you connect your account to the software, it will automatically analyse your pins and find your best time and day to share.

4. Use group boards:

If you have already got a popular, well optimized board on which the pins can be shared (because they come under the same topic as the board) you can go ahead and share your pins right now. But if you don’t have a popular or a highly engaging board, the best thing would be to find a group board on the topic the pins you would like to share belong to. If you would like to know what group boards are and how you can get the most out of them read the infographic The Complete Guide to Pinterest Group Boards.

Everyone’s Social Media Resource Pinterest Board

For e.g. if you were sharing a pin on the topic of Social Media, you could try and get invited to a popular group board like Everyone’s Social Media.

You can get invited to group boards by contacting the board owner through email and requesting them to add you to the board. Sometimes instructions on how to get invited can be found on the board description, so make sure you read it before asking for an invite.

After you get invited, share your pins on the board. This should get them a lot of exposure as the board you are sharing to should already have followers who are interested in engaging with the pins.

Note: For this to work, only share relevant pins. Don’t go off topic, as this can affect your credibility and even get you evicted from the board.

5. Pin more than you repin:

The usual habit of Pinterest users is to just repin everything that seems interesting as this is easy and can be done instantly. But if you want to get more repins, you need to pin more than you repin as images that have been pinned directly from a website are more likely to go viral than repins.

80 Percent of the Pins are Repins

There’s also a study by RJMetrics that shows that 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins which demonstrates that directly pinning stuff can get you more repins. But don’t just pin everything directly. Make it a combination of both pins and repins.

This extra step can also help you avoid spam as visiting the link on the pin will aid you in confirming that you are going to the right page and that the image on the pin isn’t masking a link to another page.

6. Check analytics:

Once you follow the above steps, begin using good analytic tools to see which types of images are most engaging. You can continue using similar images in the future. Some great analytics tools you could use are GoPixel, TailWind and Curalate.

Follow the above tips and you will see an improvement in your Pinterest presence today.

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How do you quickly improve your Pinterest presence? Have you got some tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments below.

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