5 Reasons Why Starbucks’ Pinterest Strategy is Not A Big Hit

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  • Bryan N says:

    I agree with most of the points here, but disagree on the content strategy. I think they have a happy medium of pin types. The moment Starbucks begins pinning content only about their brand is the moment they fail. The majority of people on Pinterest are going there not to see beautifully-made Starbucks drinks, or coffee beans in the hands of a farmer. They want to see inspiring lifestyle photos, whether it be of food, style, far away places, or home decor. Consumers should be saying “Starbucks pins great content” versus “Starbucks pins their own products.” In the end, for a brand like Starbucks especially, it makes more sense to connect with consumers via a lifestyle than via their products. Consumers already know Starbucks drinks. With this, Starbucks won’t be going out of their way to create their own lifestyle pins, so instead borrow from others. Either way, they’re getting the brand name out when users see the Starbucks name under the pin in their home feed.

    • Vincent Ng says:

      Hi Bryan, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I don’t think Starbucks should exclusively pin their own content all the time, I think that their ratio is out of of proportion.

      While people on Pinterest are not there to see beautifully made Starbucks drinks, their followers and loyal fans are. Any time a Pinterest strategy tries to aim for everyone on Pinterest, then it’s a fail. I’ve seen this happen with my own clients, and the moment they tightened their content strategy to focus on what their major goals were, sales jumped up 14% within two weeks.

      While people may see the logo, and that offers many impressions, impressions don’t create the emotional connection needed between a brand and it’s consumers. Logos don’t do the selling, emotional attachment does. This is why it’s so important for them to create a lifestyle around their brand, this is why Coke has been so successful with their branding and Starbucks needs to go there with their Pinterest marketing.

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