5 Great Male Accounts that Prove Pinterest isn’t Just for Girls

PinterestPinterest is just for girls. That’s what everybody says; every Pinterest related conversation eventually gets around to its apparent gender bias. The stats seem to back up the statement too, depending on where you look the ratio of women to men on Pinterest appears to be anywhere from 70:30 to 87:13.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Pinterest is a place to put together lists of your favorite things. That’s something men have been doing for as long as I can remember. I spent the majority of my own teenage years discussing and ranking my favorite bands, my favorite movies and creating imaginary football teams on championship manager. Pinterest appears to feed into this desire, and I certainly wasn’t alone. Every forum, every website or social media group related to stereotypically male pursuits like cars, sports or science fiction; have one thing in common and that’s lists.

So where are all the men on Pinterest? They’re there, but they’re not immediately obvious. If all you do is search for a mostly male interest like cars or football, you might be disappointed. You’ll find some great boards, but the majority are run by females. To find the best men on Pinterest, you have to dig a little deeper. To get you started here’s our top five men’s accounts on Pinterest, in no particular order.

Martin Taylor

Researching this blog, I found a blog by Martin about this very subject. He had a lot of the same views as me but that’s not the only reason he makes this list. Martin’s boards are a mix of cars, cameras, robots and more. Each one is interesting in its own way, from incredible pieces of cardboard artwork to a fascinating fantasy dinner party.

Chad Syme

Pinterest is all about visuals. The whole concept is built on the idea that you create visually interesting and exciting boards. As a designer, Chad Syme is ideally placed to create great Pinboards and he doesn’t disappoint. If you want to see some cool design or just stare at pretty pictures, Chad’s got you covered.

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Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn stands alone on this list. He’s a real estate agent with no obvious connection to design or photography and if you hadn’t seen his account wouldn’t strike you as a potential Pinner. But he’s more than just a Pinner; he’s a prolific one. His account appears to be mostly vehicle related but the further into the account you delve, the more variety you’ll find. On his boards you can find pictures of anything from Lego zombies to Oscar Wilde. With over 30,000 Pins it’s practically endless

Mike D

Design and Pinterest really do go hand in hand and Mike D’s account really embraces design. All of his boards are filled with clean lines, clever use of color and just plain beautiful designs. My personal favorite is the cartography board, who knew you could fit so many design ideas into a map?

Leandro Toledo

Leandro Toledo is funny, or at least, he knows funny. His boards are proof that you don’t need to have beautiful images to have a great board on Pinterest. His boards filled with Memes and funny images from all over the Internet can really brighten up your day. It’s something most people wouldn’t automatically associate with Pinterest, but it really works.

Pinning up pictures and creating scrapbooks are the real world activities used to describe Pinterest. These pursuits lend themselves to things we consider to be stereotypically female, fashion, interior design, baking etc. But that description does Pinterest a disservice.

It’s also similar to stereotypically male endeavors like making mix tapes, picking your fantasy football team or compiling your ever-changing list of favorite movies. Hopefully, these Pinners can help to inspire others and Pinterest won’t just be for girls. It’ll be for everyone.

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  • And we like talking about Pinterest, too! The Single Pinterest Pin That Launched a Company http://soc.li/gMy032Q

  • Leandro Toledo says:

    Hi Patrick, this is just to thank you for including me on the list!
    I am from Rio de Janeiro and Pinterest is not so widespread and accessed around here yet but people are getting curious about it. I strongly agree with you regarding the habit of creating lists and this was the main reason why I joined Pinterest. I was tired of saying “I saw a picture of….but I don’t remember where” so now I can simply say “It’s on my MEMES board, check it out!”. Pinterest is for everyone.


  • Yes, it is for everyone… Buy why do girls spend more time on it :-)

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