5 Benefits of Utilizing Pinterest As Part of Your Marketing Plan

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  • After reading this article, I must say that you have included a lot of great and rewarding information.I have used Pinterest before and I believe there are better and cheaper alternatives. I have suffered several times in the past when creating a Marketing Plan, regarding: What to include, how to set it out, how to manage the plan etc. However, whilst researching online I came across a great online planning/management tool. It was free so I thought “What the hell” and gave it a go.

    I tell you now, it was the best tool I have used in a long while. Usually, creating an in-depth Marketing Plan has taken me weeks and even months to complete in the past. This extremely helpful tool, helped me reduce that time significantly.

    It asks you questions, essentially telling you what to include. And if that isn’t enough, Guidance, Examples and online resources are provided also. I totally recommend it to anybody who is considering creating a Marketing Plan in the future. Visit


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