4 Brands Defying Pinterest Stereotypes to Their Advantage

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  • I also didn’t think that Pinterest had much to offer me, but you’ve shown some excellent examples here of how companies can use Pinterest to advantage, even when it appears not to appeal to their core audience.

  • Great article! As you said, Pinterest is about selling a vision or a lifestyle. So even if you aren’t lucky enough to be a professional kitten photographer or a wedding cake baker there may still be a place for you on Pinterest. I think Constant Contact does a pretty good job on Pinterest for a company that doesn’t fit the stereotype.

    • Thank you, Jackie! I just checked out Constant Contact’s Pinterest page, and I think it’s fantastic! Definitely a great example of a brand defying the Pinterest stereotype.

  • Great post! I’ve been slow to jump on the Pinterest wagon, but some the companies you wrote about really do have great Pinterest pages and I can see the business value in them. Some other good ones (HT to http://www.postano.com/blog/who-to-follow-on-pinterest) are the Travel Channel, SKI magazine and Whole Foods. Most of these brands seem to go beyond the typical brightly colored confections and perfectly toned, professionally photographed bodies. Some of these might even appeal to (gasp) men!

    • Thank you, Heather! I looked at the Pinterest accounts of the Travel Channel and SKI Magazine, and they’re excellent! Another brand that appeals to men through Pinterest is Men’s Health; the magazine actually has a great Pinterest page, though it does make use of those typical perfectly toned, professionally photographed bodies haha!

  • Great article; I am just getting into Pinterest and came here from Postano blog strangely enough. Lots of potential with this – I’m thinking of using it for myself as a writer. Thanks for the post! Oh and my fave company Pinner on there (as a skiing fan myself) is SnowSkool http://pinterest.com/snowskool/ – sharing content from their own sources is a very small part – they are sharing stunning photos not just about skiing and snowboarding but all over the globe (with a few funnies thrown in too) that inspire you to travel, see the world and change your outlook. Every time I log in I just want to chuck in the towel and go travelling :-) Lovely post, with great tips – thank you

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