3 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit From Pinterest

Pinterest is beautiful. That’s not a word that typically describes a social media site, but this platform is seriously gorgeous in terms of online presence, web traffic, and interaction. This triple threat has made Pinterest a firm second in terms of referral traffic, and it’s about time marketers recognize the boundless benefits the site has to offer. Here are 3 ways your brand can benefit from the growing platform:

Consumer Interest

Pinterest has grown significantly in popularity and versatility among usership since the beginning days of its female-dominant stereotype. The platform now has over 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users, and 2 million daily Facebook users, according to Inside Network’s AppData tracking service. Even stronger, as of February 2012, Pinterest is the second social media site under Facebook for increased referral traffic for brands. People love pinning and your brand can only benefit from the heavy weight of consumers that participate on the platform each day.


There are no bells and whistles with Pinterest; it is simple and hassle-free! It’s straightforward with two basic elements: pins and boards. Even more user-friendly is the ability to create traction and interaction with consumers. People “follow” and “repin” brands more readily, as users are engaging with the themes and ideals of your company, rather than your brand as a whole. The platform is also less focused on the “when” of pins, so the pressure to be constantly involved is not currently a “best practice.” Creating your account is easy too, click here to start pinning.

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Offline Content Can Now Go Online

Pinterest also creates a venue to house aspects of your brand that may have been left offline. For instance, you can highlight company style, inspirations, or the city your office is in. We took advantage of this aspect of Pinterest by creating boards like, “We Love L.A.” and “What’s For Lunch,” as culture and food are hugely popular on the platform.

Pinterest in a nutshell: Strip away your marketing department, your business initiatives, and salesy content. Think color, tone, design, and themes. Imagining Pinterest as your company’s magazine/lookbook/catalog is a strong strategy. Think of your boards as the “hub” for users to peruse and discover aspects of your brand that they find interesting or useful. Successful boards are generally food-related, fashion-forward, innovation-focused, creative and, most importantly, visual. Find a way to showcase these elements, while emanating your brand’s overall tone and mission, and you’ll be on your way to become ‘pinteresting’ in no time.

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