3 Tips For Creating a Well-Nourished Pinterest Profile

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The definition of ‘nourish’ is: to “Provide with substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” Why use the word ‘nourished’ to describe a Pinterest profile? Because a balanced, well-nourished Pinterest profile is what every brand and individual on Pinterest should strive to have and it’s easier to achieve than you might think!

Putting your brand’s Pinterest profile on a diet might sound strange, but these three tips will help keep your Pinterest presence in shape and healthy:

1. Growth: Avoid feed-stuffing by having mini-meals throughout the day.

> Feed-stuffing means you’re pinning a lot of images within a short time period. This image bingeing can lead to people un-following your boards. So, avoid pin congestion by pinning 10-20 images throughout the day, rather than pinning 20 images at the same time.

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2. Health: Variety is the spice of life – so make sure to season your Pinterest boards with an assortment of different images.

> Promoting a new berry lemonade recipe? Remember to follow the 1/10 Rule and be a good visual storyteller! For every image you want to promote, share 9 other high-quality images that complement it. For example, create a board named “Summer Sun” and add an array of pins from different categories along the theme, such as a tropical beach, a summer BBQ, the homemade berry lemonade recipe, sunglasses, a quote about summer, and a picture of the sun.

3. Good Condition: Keep your Pinterest boards conditioned with trendy and seasonal content.

> Create boards that relate to current holidays, seasons, events and trends. This month, Pinterest released a ‘For Dad’ category to help inspire pinners while planning surprises, searching for gifts, and making homemade treats for dad. HelloSociety’s Pinterest influencer, Alexandra Evjen, got in on the Father’s Day gift ideas too by making an appearance on Good Morning Arizona! Read the article and watch the video here: http://bit.ly/165SExc.


Need Another Example?

If an outdoor company wants to promote their new line of hiking backpacks on Pinterest for Father’s Day, they can create a well-nourished board by 1) starting a “Father’s Day Hiking Trip” board categorized under the “For Dad” Pinterest category, 2) using the 1/10 Rule with 9 product-complementing pins and 1 pin of the hiking backpack, and 3) cross-promoting this niche Pinterest board across other social channels to boost awareness.

Examples of complementary images include general nature settings, men camping, a quote about hiking or the outdoors, then an image of the backpack, and a recipe of beer batter pancakes.

A Model Pinner To Follow

Blogger, designer, and Pinterest enthusiast Michael Wurm, Jr. has this eclectic approach to Pinterest down. By regularly posting a variety of topics on his Pinterest boards like baked goods, home decor and fashion, he has earned over 3.5 million Pinterest followers and keeps them coming back for more.

Nutritional Value

The ideal Pinterest profile needs to be balanced, like anything does to be healthy. A Pinterest profile should be nourished (not starved nor stuffed) and fed throughout the day with a variety of beautiful, high-quality pins.

As a business on Pinterest, you can retain and grow your Pinterest followers by pinning steadily throughout the day. Keep your profile aesthetically pleasing with a varied mixture of beautiful pins that complement your products and give them the context of a visual story.

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