3 Reasons Why Pinterest is an Amazing Marketing Tool (and an Exclusive Pinterest Tip)

If you are not using Pinterest for marketing your small business, what are you waiting for? I get more traffic from Pinterest than any other social media site, and my type of business is not one you would think would be Pinterest-friendly.

I am going to give you three reasons why Pinterest excels as a social media platform for business.

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Pinterest Will Expose You to People BEYOND Your Followers

Pinterest has public category boards, such as the Travel one above, which means that on occasion your pin may go to one of these public boards and expose you to new people other than your followers and your followers’ followers.

Pinterest Can Bring You Residual Traffic for Months on End

One popular pin can bring your site endless traffic for months, even years. For another business I have, I had the good fortune of one of my pins making a public category board. In the 15 months since that pin first appeared (and has been repinned hundreds of times) it has brought me, to-date, 137,000 visitors and continues to still be my highest traffic source. Now, I am not saying that all of this traffic is potential customers, but I’ll take it.

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Pinterest Boards Get Picked Up By Google Search

Having a hard time getting on the first page of Google? Try naming a Pinterest board with a popular Google search phrase and you may have more luck. I typed in “Cute Summer Outfits” and the first three searches that came up were Pinterest boards, ranking higher than some popular mainstream magazines and retail stores.

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My Pinterest Tip!

The best time to pin is when the majority of your followers are active on Pinterest, so they have a better chance of seeing your pins so they will repin (in other words, your pins aren’t buried down lower under more recent pins from other people they follow).

Want to know when that is? Go to the far upper right hand corner of the Pinterest screen where it shows your name. Then simply click on the Notifications icon (which is the red, double pin icon) and you will see the activity of your followers regarding your boards. If your notifications indicates that the majority of your followers were active 12 hours ago, then that is when you should be pinning.

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  • Anna Bennett says:

    I definitely love the Nofications however most of us won’t necessarily see this live feed unless we’re on Pinterest every hour of every day. I highly recommend you use Tailwind and their analytics will suggest the best day and time for you to pin. No more second guessing:)

  • Brad (@fresholdidea) says:

    I think you are missing a big one: e-commerce value. There is a lot of research out there that suggests that Pinterest can boost time on site, click-through rates and, most importantly, sales. At Curalate (a visual marketing tool that, yes, includes Pinterest) we’ve helped some big retail brands engineer successful campaigns on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

    Also, related to SEO: if you analyze user pins from your site based on the captions that accompanies them, you can find some real hidden gems that have major product marketing and SEO implications (i.e. a sweater captioned with “My holiday sweater” would suggest you target that term).

    Full disclosure: I work for Curalate

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