10 Boards All Brands on Pinterest Should Have

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Variety is key for brands on Pinterest. Brands that only pin onto boards around their content or category of products aren’t utilizing Pinterest as well as they could. A brand’s followers choose to follow them because they enjoy that product or service, want to learn more about those products, or relate to the pins shared on the brand’s account. Those followers also want to be able to go to a brand’s Pinterest account for inspiration for a wide variety of interests and topics, not just to see great clothes, for example. Think of Pinterest as a one-stop inspiration spot where followers can get inspired in all aspects of their lives through pins around DIY, beauty, fitness, travel, photography, recipes, party planning and your products and exclusive brand content. Below I’ve listed ten vital board categories that all brands should have.

1. A lifestyle board

This board will speak to the kind of consumers the brand is targeting. Have a board dedicated to painting a picture of what your consumers do, where they go, with a lot of great photography pins to add emotion and life behind the board’s story. You can pin some products onto this board, but keep it minimal. We recommend no more than one product pin per every 5 pins. Share pins that are optimized for Pinterest (vertical and bright is usually better), fun, beautiful, and brand-aligned. For example: a beautiful and inspired camping board for REI.

Example boards

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Madewell’s Paris travel & lifestyle board

J.Crew’s Surf Life lifestyle board

2. A holiday or seasonal board

Make sure to have a holiday board for each major holiday or season. A spring board is a must right now. Easter is also a great board topic and every brand should be preparing for their unique summer board, it’s coming up fast. Make sure to add at least 10 pins onto a secret board, so it will look great, before making any board public.

Example boards

Nordstrom’s Holiday Cheer board

Keep.com’s Haute Holidays board

3. An interactive board (Instagram content, office photos, Facebook fan photos)

Have a board dedicated to making your followers and customers feel special. By tying in Instagram photos, Facebook fan photos, Twitter fan photos, etc… the brand is incorporating the ability for fans to create their own content with the products they buy and have the opportunity to be added onto that board. This gives it a fun and exclusive factor and ties in the brand’s other social networks with its Pinterest.

Example boards

Ben & Jerry’s Fan Photos board

Lululemon’s Instagram content board

4. A brand content-focused board

Having one to five creatively-themed boards focused on the brand’s products and content makes it easy for your followers to refer to these boards to see and repin your products and content. By organizing products by seasons, locations, colors, materials, product lines, and/or customers (womens summer 2014, weekend at the coast, lace and leather, etc…) your followers can get a feel for upcoming releases and looks they’d see in store.

Brands usually see much better results when their images are optimized for Pinterest: vertical, bright photos shot in a natural setting (avoid plain white backgrounds). It can also help boost your board’s following and interaction if the board shares your brand’s blog content (if applicable) with Pinterest-friendly images and interesting, brand-related content.

Example boards

J.Crew’s Pinterest-exclusive April 2014 Style Guide product board

Madewell’s Denim Done Right product board

5. One of the top five Pinterest categories

Have at least one board sharing content besides your own. Home, DIY, or Food are three popular categories that brands should all consider having at least one of.

Pin beautiful photography, how-tos, inspiring images, recipes, colorful images, and more.

Example boards

Splendid’s Eats food board

Nordstrom How-to and DIY & food tricks board

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 2.48.57 PM.png

A list of the top Pinterest categories that people share most. via Brandon Gaille

6. Another top categories board

Have another top categories board, this time with your brand’s content occasionally mixed in, especially from the brand’s blog if it has one. Travel, Humor, and Tips & Tricks are three more main categories that brands can tap into to get their account more well-rounded by repinning interesting content.

Example boards

Kohl’s Entertaining with Style board

General Electric’s Hey Girl board

7. A group board

A group board is a great way to incorporate brand, blogger, and influencer partnerships while increasing the likelihood of an increased following, better reach, and more brand awareness.

Example boards

Whole Foods’ Colors of Spring group board with 6 other companies

HelloSociety’s Hello Holidays group board with some of our influencers

8. Place Pins board

Consider making a [new!] place pins board. Starbucks has a place pins board sharing pins from their different stores from all over the world and has gotten great interaction by followers (see link below).

Example boards

Lululemon’s Vancouver Hometown place pins board

Starbucks’ Store Design place pins board

9. A color-themed board

Organizing boards by color is a great way to mix inspirational pins with various product pins in an aesthetically pleasing and fun way.

Example boards

Madewell’s Black & White color theme board

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014 color-themed board

10. An inspirational quotes board

By sharing inspirational quotes that people can associate with the brand’s message, you will positively associate those messages with your brand, products, and your customers’ lives.

Example boards

Calypso St. Barth’s Words To Live By board

Gap’s Gap-ism’s inspirational quotes board

Takeaway: Every brands should be pinning images across a wide variety of categories. Giving each board a fun, unique theme promotes interaction and the likelihood of increasing followers, so get creative! How often should brands be pinning? We recommend around 15-25 pins spaced throughout every day for best results.

Want to learn more about best practices for brands on Pinterest? Read How Your Brand Can Stand Out on Pinterest and How To Be Successful on Pinterest in 2014.

Have questions about how you can optimize your content for Pinterest, increase your following, or improve your Pinterest account? Contact us at info@hellosociety.com!

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