YouTube Killed the TV Star: Why Online Video Marketing is Essential for Marketers in 2012

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  • Hey Mike – I downloaded the full white paper and appreciate the summary. I feel one of the big movements this year will be #4 Aiming for Quality. In 2012, we’ll see more budgets and resources allocated to improving upon the quality of web video. Even if a production company is not used for every video, it will be important for in-house resources to focus on quality.

  • Awesome information! I am excited to see how 2012 unfolds with rich media. I am interested to see how current players like Youtube and others will continue to thrive and what type of new players will enter the market

  • Great article mike. I’ve been doing a lot of research about video myself and your numbers are spot on. I agree with the first reply, quality is a key area for improvement. Just like in life, there is a place for homemade movies and there are high quality productions. Each serves an important role, but if you want to impress someone, don’t show them your summer vacation video!!

  • Mike,

    Great article. With mobile becoming more important, I would like to add that another huge and growing incentive for the use of marketing video, is that it is more view-able on a small mobile device than text. I can confirm it, I always prefer a video over text on my less than 3″ BlackBerry screen.

  • Great article. Video is growing everyday. We have been a production company for a while in the DC market and more and more small businesses are seeing the value of using video as a strong marketing tool. Thanks again for all of the information.

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