Who Will Win the Election Tomorrow? Obama by a Landslide*!

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  • Many of the statistics you bring up are not relevant such as facebook friends or twitter followers. You do realize that there is a massive number of people that follow the president on those social media sites, simply because he is the president.

  • Obama may win… but if you think its going to be a landslide, you are to dumb to be writing articles. Everything (except your scewed oppinion) says its going to be VERY close.

  • I think it is a close and tight race. It’s going to be very close. I know several people who have never voted before and have registered to vote this time because they can’t see going another 4 years with Obama. America needs a chance and a change.

  • Well no kidding Obama has more more friends, followers and website views! He’s the president. So of course he is better known and going to be more closely followed. That is completely irrelevant.

    • Completely agree. And the youtube subscribers? Obama’s been in the public eye like 5 years longer than Romney. This argument pretty much collapsed on itself.

  • I have news for you…there is a large block of dedicated voters (read senior citizens) who likely have minimal or no internet-based activity so I don’t believe that indicates a true sampling of the entire voting demographic.

  • I am very glad I came across this article, for I was in fact very curious about their respective internet reaches yesterday. It is extremely clear that Obama’s side is well executed and well thought out. I work in promoting through social media– and while some may question your analysis, I cannot stress how important an internet presence is in regards to establishing your brand. Today Obama has a giant ad at the top of YouTube. This is an amazing marketing tactic, and his team who is behind this deserves applause. Everything of Romney’s is subpar and it is clear that there is little time, money and effort going into establishing himself through various social media outlets and paid internet advertisements. The person writing this article is not DUMB. In fact James, I find that to be you. Close election my ass–anyone with common sense should be able to discern that Obama’s plans are done for the benefit of the countries longevity in the long term… while Romney just wants to be president to benefit himself and no one else. Any middle class voter rooting for him will get bitten in the ass.

  • I don’t know who will win the election, but you’re not really looking at how long Obama has been around. He’s been in the headlines for four years. Compare that to how long Romney has been on the map and you may find different answers. Obama has had much more exposure and has gone through two elections to get “facebook fans.” Romney hasn’t had as much time in the spotlight. And unfortunately that’s what government has turned into, a game of who is more famous. People are going to vote for the trend.

  • This is pure nonsense.
    Look at the GOP constituency — on what planet do you think these people are connected in any way to social media? You’re talking about trailer-park country in the Deep South, and shacks in the hinterlands of the Far West and Central Plains states.
    These people believe the earth was created 6000 years ago, and that humankind once ran with dinosaurs.
    Trust me, they’re not on Twitter or Facebook. They’re the blue-collars workers crunched by the economic recession, who honestly think the one-time boss of Bain Capital will get them their jobs back.

  • We Also have to remember that Mitt Romney just became known in public more. like a new music artist , he’s gonna have less facebooks friends and followers then the one thats been there for a long time. (Obama)

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